Sunday, August 20, 2006

spilling out everything

Its been quite some time, since i last briefed through what i did. As in going out events and all that shit. Most of my recent posts were more of the opinion and happy birthday wishes. So here goes, i'll start with what i can recall.

Chia's Belated Birthday cum Lunch Outing.

Genki sushi, you're dam lucky to have customers like me. I made 4 returning visits to their place in one month. Blardy hell, looks like i am addicted to them. But actually, haha, this is what i return for.

Ahhh Hamamaki. God bless hamamaki man. I love it!!
But cibai, one piece costs Rm 2. One plate, Rm 6. Fucking expensive la.

At first, she was shy to take pictures. After that.....
Btw, don't u all think she looks like some sort of criminal trying to evade the press photographers?

There she is. Chia chia.

The girls, and the....

Guys. God, my face looks so bright here.

On the way to the arcade to play, we saw.....

Baskin Robbin's Ice cream cakes. So people, u all know what cakes i like OK? Haha.....

Ooohhhhh. Orgasmic.

That's about it lah. Lazy to write more, cause there are more thing to write. Next, we have:-

Bowling Club Outing.

Let's just start with pictures.

The started cam-whoring without me. Bahh...

It's time to intro these ppl. Top row; (L-R) : Wei Loon, Wai Kidd, Sissy Fag Charles.
Bottom row: Lee Quin and Patrick.

After bowling, it was off to Laksa Shack to have a few bites.

Their shoppe.

Ahhh..I LOVE thier curry laksa. Looks great right?

After that, went home and chill...


This is a sad joke ken hui told me. Funny, but sad in an aspect. Haha, laugh on.

This joke is between Hello Kitty and Doraemon.

One day, doraemon saw hello kitty. Doraemon said Hi to hello kitty.
Unfortunately, Hello Kitty did not reply...... Why?
Ans: That's becuase hello kitty HAS NO MOUTH.

See, no mouth right. So Hello Kitty was very sad. So, she went for plastic surgery, and added a mouth.

Naturally, after the plastic surgery:-

Tadahhh.....So, hello kitty was quite pleased with her mouth. So one day, returning the favour, Hello Kitty said Hello to Doraemon.

Now, why doraemon DIN'T REPLY HELLO KITTY?
Ans :- Because doraemon has no ears !!!



Since i had some coupons worth about Rm 60 for the Tropicana Charity Carnival, i decided to pay a visit to the carnival. Went with my family.

Those Harley-Davidson Bikes were for rent. One ride costed a few bugs i think.

Nice poolside view.

They had damn alot of foodstalls, selling all kinds of junk. I spotted one stall selling popiah, and without any hassle, i knew who was selling it already. Haha, sue mae's aunt and mum !!!

Uhuhuh, Popia. It was great, altho the skin was a little thick, but still great. Rm 5 for 2 pieces.

The lady on the left, with spectacles on is Mae's aunt. The one on the right is her maid.
Busy-nya, making popia.

Besides that, there were also many other foodstalls, such as....

Roti canai stalls.

Sweet, juicy and saucy penang fruit rojak. Fantastic.

Char Kuey Teow. Fucking unhealthy, but still great to savour.

And finally, every kid's dream....

Cotton candy. The machine is so super uber cool. U chuck in some powder stuff, and the candy comes out. I want that machine. I think if i have one at home, i will wrap myself in cotton candy everyday.

So much so for a crowded event,........

It was great !!! Two thumbs up for all the parties involved.


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