Monday, September 04, 2006

bitching lesson 1: prefects.

Uhmm, might be tucking into swenson's earthquake tomorrow, if things go well. will show you guys pics when i go ok?

So basically, most of your people are finally rid of this little wannabe policeman, which is prefects. Don't laugh, but your friend here is still being swarmped by these little bugs EVERYDAY. Yes, i repeat, everyday.

My school has a weird rule, which is, no black belts are allowed for students. Although i don't give two flying fucks about the rule, but it still irritates me when the prefects go up to me and say, "Eh you know you are not supposed to wear black belts?" Typical me, i will simply reply...HARR...Really ah, i din know worr, or if i am having a bad mood, i will just ignore them. That's number one.

Secondly, we have assembly EVERY MORNING. Yes, it will be longer on monday as we will sing songs, but every other day, we will have to gather b4 adjourning to class. And one fucking weird rule is, when you are sitting, you are NOT supposed to talk, read a book or do your work. And this fucked up bastard, ok fine, i shall spare his name from being published on my blog (p/s: if you get on my nerves again, i will post your picture and ur name for everyone to see) actually asked me to erm, shut down my calculator, as i was about to figure out some maths sums. He went, "Plz off your calculator, and close your book. Dun tok also ar"......Speechless lah.

There is also this little run down fencing blocking the pathway and the canteen. It's actually like this. P/s: the whole fencing is ruined, and crushed.

So, in order to get to the canteen, would you rather choose route A, which takes you straigh inside, or route B, which takes you for a leisure tour round the back, before getting you in?

It's a darn OBVIOUS choice, A is the faster way alrite. But the fucking assholes, for god knows what stupid reason, claim that the right way to enter is through B. And being idiots, they placed a prefect EVERYDAY at route A to block the students from entering.

One fine day, being myself, i took the smarter way and went it through route A. Then the little asshole came. I was already in the canteen , wanting to buy food when he approaced me. He asked me to exit the canteen, and come back in through route B. I was like WHAT THE FUCK, i am already inside la. Want me to go out again ah? Nothing better to do issit?

So far, these 3 items irritate the shit out of me. Will post up more later, if the step on my toes again. Till then !

p/s: it's kinda ironic, that i am sitting next to a prefect, indeed a close friend everyday. and that person is no other than kee peng !!


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