Saturday, September 09, 2006

good things come in small packages

Ok, chia, you owe me a present...Hahhahaaa

Hi people, we meet again. Ok, screw the title, i really have no idea what to post up there actually. So basically, this post i gonna be about the swenson's earthquake which i tested out, after a hefty 50% discount.

People, it's REALLY WORTH IT. Only Rm 16.00++ for 8 large scoops of ice cream, complemented with 8 kinds of topping and sweet cherries. Best of all, we get to choose the 8 flavours. Here we go!!

When it arrived, we were like HOLY MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!

It was simply orgasmic lah. To top it off, the dry ice made it look real classy.

This is what's left after 5 minutes. Spot the strawberry chuncks in the pinky ice cream. Rum and raisins were a good choice too. With little alcoholic taste, it brought out the best in it.

Ironically, the fries came last. Dam potong la. The fries were quite expensive, costed about Rm 7.00 ++. Not really worth it if u ask me.

So basically, that's about it lah. Will definately make returning visits in the future. I can see who'se drooling already. Haha......


Later that day, i went out with kevin and co @ the curve for what was supposed to be a "welcome back" dinner? Haha... Anyway, pics to start it off.

To those people planning to visit Kenny Rogers, you make up ur order choice here now. At least, it saves some time when you get there. Hahaha

Mmmmm, woodfire roasted chicked. Dig that, you people.

So anyway, some people commented that i tend to go to DEEP into the foodstuff. Fine, here are some pictures of the people present.

And the first picture i took, is of myself. Call me a cam-whore, because that's the way i am.

Johan and Steffy Lip. They look the same, every since they left highschool. Haha...

From left, Brian, Jian Hui, Yi Ting and Johan.

Then after, the black nigga came, Nimalan.

And finally, Kevin and Me.

Next, our food enteries came in. After waiting for a considerabably good amount of time, we were rewarded with:-

Trust me, their muffin is GODLIKE. It was fucking aromatic, and tasted great.

Kenny's 1/4 chicken, complemented with 3 side dishes. Baked beans, colesaw and mashed poootato.

This was my entree. Drumstick, macaroni with cheese, mashed pootato and potato salad wedges.

Another variation of the 1/4 chicken + 3 side dishes.

That all about it for this time, more to come up next time. B4 i leave, here's something for you people to laugh on.

If you guys noticed recently, Lin Dan won the HK Badminton Open. And he said winning it was a very erotic experience. This explains why....

Look at his birdy man. Shit weih. There can only be 3 factors causing this...
1. He does not wear an underwear while playing. Like this, his balls will suffer huge hernia effects when he jump smashes.

2. He stims when he plays with Lee Chong Wei. Urghh..what a sick ass.....

and finally, the 3rd .........

3. His kukuciau wanted to give a salute to the crowd. Hahaaa


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