Friday, September 15, 2006

just a notice

I will be going back to my hometown for my cousin's wedding. I place where fun meets good food. I usually enjoy on these trips because, ahha, usually we will bump out playing mahjong first, then erm, followed by dinner and a couple of drinks. If you guys din't know already, my hometown is in Raub, Pahang, situated about 1 3/4 hours away from KL.

On the way back, passing by Genting Highlands.

Don't tell me that you peeps are so jakun until ya' all don't know what this hole is.

Mahjong is one my passions, besides blogging. Hahaha

Gonna play with my crazy-cute-u-so-wanna-pinch-them baby cousins.

Tucking into fine chinese food, and lastly ;

Playing with fireworks really bring back sweet memories.

Will be gone for 2 days, back on Monday. Haha, till then, see ya!


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