Saturday, September 30, 2006

the way of life

Oh shit. Do you guys know why? That's because euro fun park @ One Utama is backkkk!!!! Last year, i still remembered i had great fun there, mayb here are some pics to recall the place. The rides were like whooaaa, crazy fun man, altho it did come with a hefty price tag, it's fucking worth it laa... See time fast, a year has passed already.

But b4 that, credits to Mae for taking these photos. Simply awesome.

When my friends told me there was a huge ass fair happening, i was so damn excited ok. Hey, this fun fair is not like those kiddy rides type, instead it had a good deal of thrill rides. They were of course expensive tho, RM 8 per ride, for those high end rides.

When the lights lit up, it was eternal heaven. Seriously. Everything just came to life, and it seemed like a huge giant has just awakened.

One token is RM 2. So 4 tokens means that ride costs Rm 8. Haha, do your financial planning here, b4 you enter to sit the rides.

Quote from Sue-Mae:-
This is the challenger!!! Very fun! The things goes round and round
while lifting you off air and then it spins you sideways and all! Veryyy fun!
You can see one utama's carpark terbalik and all! We screamed our asses
off man! Damnnnn fun weii!! I felt so alive and sooooo awake after sitting
this ride! I was sooo scared at first! But you just gotta breath and scream
and go wooooooooooooooooooooo~

Quote from Sue Mae:-
Hehe i don't have the pic of the spinning thing we sat in but that
was lame cuz it got boring but quite fast also la. This one is TOP GUN!
Damn chun! It's so secured ok! They literally glue u to ur seat! When
the thing moved, it swayed you uppp and down! And down one whole
full circle! The harness was very uncomfortable and hurt my shoulder
and if Tysern didn't ask me to keep my feet secured under the bar,
I would have like kicked madly all over the place!! But it was quite
fun la this ride, except the part where the freaking thing slams on
ur shoulders and hurts you. I was holding on to my handphone for
dear life because really can fall. And guess what, if you puke,
everyone else in the line of fire will get vomit laced hair.

What Mae said:-
Only 8 ppl can go on this Vortex at a time! 4 on top and 4 below. I went
with ty and it was sooo fun!!! Sooo exhilirating and liberating!!! It was like
flying ok! I donno how to explain but when they swing you clockwise and then
anti clockwise, 360 degrees and 180 degrees! DAMN SYIOK GILER!!!!

Wahahah, this is me posing on the machine. This ride, Challenger was my personal fav. Seriously, first the whole thing spins like a Lazy Susan, yeah, u know that thing on the dinner table one. Then, it gyrates left and right, like a pendulum, to a whopping angle of MORE THAN 90 degress. Seriously, it was great fun. You get alot of airtime feeling, and it might be fucking scary to those with a weaker heart. But if you can stand the butterflies in you stomach feeling, better go for it.

That's Mae on the left and little rachel on the right. We were waiting anxiously for it to start, and when it kicked off, fuiyoh, great fun. WOOooooooo.....

Hahahah, posing time. This was way before the fun fair started. Yeah, we went there damn early, about 1/2 hour before it kicked off. Hahaha.....

Yeah, u know what, time really flies. It has already been a year, and things have since changed, But what the heck, i am definately going again this time. Anybody wanna come along?

And oh yeah, my recomendations for the fun fair, please sit on vortex and challenger. This 2 are the best you can get, for you money. Costed a bomb, but if you're paying for absolute fun, it's worth the price. See you there guys......


Blogger MaE : ) said...

eeeeeee y my pic there.
the last one not nice.

haha kidding!
anyways pls goooooo!
yay so cool so cool!
better think of me ya when u all go becuz i sure was hell thinking of u okkk!!! like omggg ty will enjoy this and this and this!

Saturday, September 30, 2006 2:38:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

hehe, sure i will. ahahah, i hope this time, they add more rides!!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006 4:26:00 PM  

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