Saturday, October 14, 2006

euro fun park@ one utama

I have been to this fair last year. Unfortunately, because of SPM, i have to leave early, so basically, i managed to sit only the best 2 rides, and it was in a rush. Dam potong. But thank god.....

They returned AGAIN this year. A blessing I said to myself. Right after my exam (what great timing yeah) i planned to visit it IN FULL FORCE. And so, finally here we are. I called along Patrick and Quin, Callie and a bunch of 5 girls. When we were at OU, we met Brendda and Kidd and invited them to join. Tambah lagi, in the fun fair, i met back my own schoolmates, namely King Wei and his gf....and u get the picture la....alot of ppl was having fun there.

I could safely say that i was going high and my heart was going to explode when i spotted the theme park with its wonderous lights.

Ok, but b4 that, we were at OU, armed with 2 camera's. Mine ( a slim kodak V530 pocket series) and Patrick's ( Canon S2 Professional Series) camera. Of course his picture quality was great, but great pictures rarely come with a slim size camera. His was a size of the normal SLR cam.

Great thanks to quin for taking some of the shots, here goes.

At Ou first. They were having some hari raya decor, so we decided to cam-whore.....

Trying to get a look at the congkak marbles ( in this case, they used sepak takraw balls)

The Whole Set.

We saw this dude drawin a batik, a demonstration.

Ok, those are the last of the OU pictures. Enough of them, now on the the main topic, the focus and the spotlight. Euro fun park !!

When i saw the light and the music, i started steaming already. Hahaaa, ok, now literally steaming, but i was dam excited. Fucking excited i mean.

Entrance fee is Rm 3 for adults and Rm 2 for kids. Mind you, entrance only ok.... The rides were expensive..but yeah, for the fun, it's really worth it.

First Ride : The Challenger

As i have said before, this ride is the most thrilling, and one of the top rides in the theme park. This time, there's a video to it, so i don not have to explain how it swings, gyrates and turns. One thing tho, this is not for the weak heart. Non stop "heart dropping" feeling, and if it's your first time on it, be prepared to scream. Till date, i have sat on it 3 times liao..Hahahaa

It has a seating capacity of 24 people. (4 riders per arm, 6 arms in total). The safety harnesses were comfortable, and you actually do not really need to grab on tightly those bars, as this ride swings you up AGAINST gravity. That means that you will be pushed back into your seats, and no worries, you body will not smash against the safety harnesses.

Me and my friend patrick, b4 going up on the ride.

Group photo b4 ALL of us went up. All of them are either my schoolmates or classmates.

We still had time to cam-whore b4 we were strapped to the seats.

When the harnesses were locked, the ride kicked off. Wheee...Shiokkk

Whooosshh, it swung at a tremendous speed.

It got faster and faster, and before we knew it......

We were swung up more than 90 degress in the air..........
Yep it was a full load, try spotting me in there.

It was the most orgasmic experience ever. EVER. Seriously....
Now, here's the video of it swinging..........

Ride Two : The Vortex.

Call this ride the Vertical Limit. Seriously. It was very high up, but when you combine height with speed, you get nothing but absolute fun. Seriously. ABSOLUTE FUN. 8 rides can go an one time, 4 at each end. The carriage is swinging freely, while the arm turn 360 degress. The results, you come down to the group UPSIDE DOWN, and you blast back into space facing up.

As you can see, 2 carriages at both ends. The whole arm swings 360 non stop. Round and round, like a wheel.

The seating capacity.

We were strpped on tightly....anddddddddd

The ride blasted offf.......

Here the video of it rotating....I was in there, with my friend, screaming out our lungs. To enhance the experience, they had bring camera flashes flashing you when you were up there in the air....The spotlight were also tremendous. Bright and colourful... try to catch the flashing lights when the carriage is at it's highest peak. Hohoho..did it tell you, it rotated DAMMMM FASTT....

The other parts of the fun fair.

These 2 rides above are the main highlights of the fair, and of course the most expensive. To List down there are many other great rides. Here you go, happy viewing....

The wild mouse rollercoaster. The cars could spin 360, in any direction !!

Minaiture hot air ballons. These were the kiddy rides....

The spinner ride, same as the one in Genting.

Damn, the bear was huge. But according to Mae, cannot win wan. All the lucky tickets cheat ppl wan. Hahah....

Callie's friends on Lethal Weapon.

I went up with them on the ride.

Here's how they screamed on the ride. I was holding on tightly to the camera, afraid that it will get flung out.

Now, on to the group pictures....

Callie and her frens from Tmn Sea. Really a fun and sporting bunch.

L-R: Me, Wai Kidd, Brenda, Quin and Patrick.

I really have no regrets coming to this fun fair. I really enjoyed myself, as you can see in the pictures, same goes for all my friends. So next year....there might be another visit. Who'se up for it??

By the time i reached home, i was tired, yet hyped up from the rides. A day filled with screams, excitement and joy. Loved it.

Thanks to Patrick for the photos, and yes, thank you everybody for the company.

Next, i will be going to Bali, on the Monday after next, This time, with my relatives, cousins and family. Damn, i love my life.

A briefing on the Bali trip, on my next post.


Blogger .:pàt®!¢k:. said...

Your pictures are not bad too! =) Btw, my camera is smaller than SLR la..haha.. Rides were uber cool, but kinda expensive.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 6:42:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

yeah, quite expensive. haha, i had to set my cam to high ISO, if not not clear enuf la. the light effect on the spinner was pure luck, din know how i got it. when i tried again to shoot, it din't turn out the same

Saturday, October 14, 2006 7:31:00 PM  
Anonymous charz said...

I want the teddy bears ty !! >_<

lolz. wasted din go.. sounds like so much funnnnn :(

Saturday, October 14, 2006 11:07:00 PM  
Anonymous mae said...

hey ty!
get cbox!

lovely post on the funfair!
wish i was there!

Sunday, October 15, 2006 12:39:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

charz: haha..the teddy bear cannot kena wan..i think you use money sendiri buy more cheaper, than u keep on trying....

mae: thnx for the recomendation.....haha..the fun fair. some of the photos + videos i like...yeah.. wish all of u all were there

Sunday, October 15, 2006 3:17:00 AM  

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