Wednesday, November 29, 2006

celebrating, i guess

I know this has been some time, but i think it needs posting. Anyway, how have your weekend been guys? Now's the holiday season, almost for all, except those pitiful souls taking ADP out there, HAHAHAHAH, namely chia wen, the lazy bones gurl who loves stepping on what i say.....

Fine fine, i'll wait till you kena those phone calls, hey now, why should i wait? I should just give them your phone number, and see who suffers then. Hahaha, nice payback plan.

Ok fine, enough bitching. What i wanted to say ya, ok ya, my driving lesson.

Undang was like a walkover lah. The hardest part was finding the right time to sit for the test, really. And i got 48/50, i know it's not high yaa. Some of you guys got like, 50/50, so shut up. But what i care now is, i already passed, and yes, i just went for my bengkel.

So how did my first driving lesson went on? Oh well, this is how it went.

Instructor, which i was call Mr X for privacy reasons.

Mr X : Tysern ahh....u know how to drive?

Ty : Abit laa... Why?

Mr X: Oh then like that ya, go for the slope first la?

Ty: *OMFGZZGFGOMFG* Urr, why the slope?

Mr X : Just go try lah.

But first, let me bitch about their kancil cars. The aligment is SO BAD, until the steering needs to be turned sideways to go straight. The clutch is so freaking high, so high until you gotta release it almost to the max, to find the "bite point". So being typical me, i stepped on the gas, then went up the slope. This is where the shit began.

I drove the car all the way up to the yellow line at the slope, and pressed the brake. I free-ed the gear, and pulled up the handbrake. When i was given clearance to go, i let the clutch go abit, and stepped on the accelerator, and let the handbrake go. OMG, the car just started reversing back ok. I stepped harder on the gas, but nah... it just went back. People around there, looking at how i drive were like, * Omg, what a noob !* Ok, screw them. Then the instructor was like, Press Harder La.... and so i pressed DAM HARD ON THE GAS. After pressing almost to the max, baru the car started to move forward. My god, the car's power is seriously LAUYA alright.

The 2nd time i tried it with the A/C off, and it was much better. Haih, so much for kancil cars la.

Conclusion: They should give us better cars to drive la. At least a proton wira or wat la. I mean like, what can u learn in a kancil la, my dear. Park also nothing compared to parking a bigger car. Anyway, heard they are planning to change to wira's next year. So those planning to take ur lessons next year, keep ur fingers crossed la.

Anyway, my 3rd birthday celebration at Marco's Pizza was the bomb. Hey, bitching like hell, so much so until all the other tables were like, tskk, typical malaysians. So what horr, jealous just because we're going high? Go cry to your grandma's laa....

The restaurant's interior. Very suitable for kids, i would say.

My birthday present. Thanks !

Now, on the the people !

Edmund and Fei. Gosh. Haven seend them in like ages. Edmund worst, almost one year never see.

Ken Hui and Xiang.

Boys with the girls. Girls, from left, Darling Raechen and Lady Wen Jie.

Have you guys heard the latest "pose" in town. Oh well, it's the Closed Mah Eyes pose. Observe.
On the left, callie with the new pose, and Wai Yee next to her. On the right, Ed and Fei.

Now, on the the food. For the price we payed, the food was a drag. It was ok, but not really worth the price. Cmon man, the bill came to about RM +- 250. Quite expensive, considering we ate pizza's and pasta's. Anyway, here a part of what we ate.

Pizza. I forgot what flavour already.

Yet another pizza flavour which i forgot.

This was good. The mushrooms were great starters. Only this was worth eating.

Since, the food was nothing much to shout about, let's move on. The cake, VERY GREAT. From La Manila.


My friend who shares a brithday almost on the same day as me, Ken Hui.

By looking at the box. I thought the gave my briefs. But nah, actually, i t was a cool tee.

I can't resist posting this thing up.

Lastly, all of us.

Okay, that's about it. More pictures next time. Haha, slowly la, one by one. Still got a few celebrations with pictures, sha lene's birthday and ultimately, the ex-form 3 class gathering.


Anonymous charzzzzzzzzzzz ! said...

walau , u dam syok la . go out so much *jealous* =P

Sunday, December 03, 2006 8:51:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha, no la. birthday season only marr...

Sunday, December 03, 2006 11:40:00 PM  
Blogger MaE : ) said...

whoa! edmund's such a hottie now!

Monday, December 04, 2006 2:16:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

urr, excuse me? hottie. OH MY GAWD

Monday, December 04, 2006 2:21:00 PM  

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