Sunday, November 12, 2006

life as it is

Yalah, memanglah. Refer to the title for my post. Just life.

So, what's up? My life is currently alright, going the way i want it too.

Man, i just can't seem to get enough of vacations. Anyway, here are some snapshots of my class.

To some, i know u're in college, ur days secondary school life is over, but just take this as a flashback.

The Myth: "Form 6 is filled with brainerds and super geeks"

Let's see whether is myth is right or wrong.

Traditional class potrait.

And being the classic us, the not so formal one:-

This reminds me of my old school potrait.

And there's also naught acts, such as :-

Dumping you into the pond, if it's ur birthday


Girls one-match-stand arm wrestling competetion.

Cam whoring is alright!

Birthday Celebrations go one from time to time.
P/s:- The cake's from secret recipe, the super yummlicious Brownie Tray.

Sms-ing in class is not really a prob, depending on ur teacher.

When there's nothing to do, even the computer mouse can be turned into a focus object.

Music sessions, no problem lah...........

Something original, to say the least

Hey, she plays maple leaf rag quite well okay !!

There also bowling outings too,

Haha, check out the bowling club t shirts. The first the ppl on at the frnot are wearing it.

And lastly,

Hey, the view's not to bad too alright.

And so about the myth, i think it's crap lah. The fun is still going on wat!!

Of course there is exam stress, it is still managable.

The only Con about Form 6 is, The Sylabbus Is God Damn Freaking Hard. Other than that, everything seems fine !!


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