Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pesky phone operators

Ever since the birth of new gym concepts like Celeb Fitness, California Fitness and Fitness First,these organisations have brought many cool and new body trimming weight loss sessions advertisement.

Some advertising that you can change your flabs into muscles in just one week, or even cut down your waistline by half in just one month. Do you believe them? Seriously? For me, its total absurd bullshits.

It's ok to me, if they want to advertise it big. I am fully fine with it. I do not care how "impressive or fun" your program is, how "special and effective" it maybe. I don't care. Go on with your advertising.

Yeap, practically everyone has come across these "so called popular" centres.

All for all, i know you guys are just trying to pull in more customers. You can do it in some ways like advertistments, brochuers etc etc. But please, STOP CALLING ME ON MY FUCKING HANDPHONE EVERY NOW AND THEN.

It is not funny alright. Celebrity fitness started this shit to me. When i was nicely sleeping one morning, my handphone went off.

*phone rings violently*

Ty: hellloooo...who is thisss...?? *in a sleepy + pissed voice*

Telephone Operator: hi, good day mr tii-sern. * i was thinking, oh-my-god, wat lauya english u have* i am from celebrity fitness. congratulations to you, you have been selected as one of our exclusive VIP members.

Ty: so what do i get? free membership for a lifetime?

Telephone Operator: alright, it goes like this. can you please arrange a date with us to collect your free VIP trial membership *aha ! there's the catch !* and you will get free sessions at our gym. and if you like it, you can continue with our program and so...bla bla bla

Ty: * i was really desperate to hang up, but then i was still poliete*. Oh great! Can i see you this Sunday to collect my VIP card...at your gym?? *bluff that bitch wan laaa*

Telephone Operator : yeah sure. see you soon. be there.

Ty: Ok, bye bye.

Naturally, i totally forgot about my promise with that little bitch. Not until sunday, when i was happily hanging out with my friends.....

*phone rings*

Telephone Operator: Hi, Is this Mr Tii Sern here, i am calling from celebrity fitness. Erm, when can you come and collect your card?

Ty: * ohhh fuck!!! shit, i forgot that i bluffed her* Hmm... your offer seems great, but i am currently a member with another gym, so i can't take up your offer. *trying my best to put her away laaaa*

Telephone Operator: Hmm...Which gym did you sign up with??

Ty: *sei lorr, how to answer now.. better think of something* Ohh. it's some small gym near my house, called Desire's Gym and Spa.

Telephone Operator : Wow, i haven't heard of that place before. Oh well, are you sure you want to continue with your membership. Now, our gym is offering you free membership, and on top of that, we have swimming pools, sauna, first class equipment, fully air conditioned facilities, astro, poolside cafe's......bla bla

Ty: Hmm... No thanks. I still prefer to stick with my old gym. Do you want to know why???? * i was really pissed, PISSED at this moment already*

Telephone Operator: Oh please, do tell me.

Ty: That's because the chicks at my gym are sooo much hotter than what you can offer, their TITTIES are so much bigger, sexier and juicier, like melons, compared to what you have at your gym, which is mainly old bitches who are soooo old until their boobs are dry like raisins and sag until their knees.

Telephone Operator: ..............................

And so, that's how i finally god rid of those @$$holes. I'm sure you guys have you part of your story to come up with. Please share them with me !!


Anonymous charz =) said...

Walau . Damn shitty weihh.. Thank God i din kena those kinda phone calls . =_=;;

anyway , get well soon :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 9:45:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha, yeah, u damn lucky la. next time if u really kena...seriously, ignore them man

yeah thnx, better now already

Thursday, November 30, 2006 10:11:00 PM  

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