Friday, November 17, 2006

then and now : genting highlands

I was thinking of a way to present my current genting trip, and yeah, this will be it. Photos galore. What can i say about it, oh well just refer to the shots. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Yes it does, but no matter what, the fun we experience is TRULY ORGASMIC.

I'll start with, the journey up to the peak.

This time round, we took a bus trip to the peak. 50 mins on the bus, and 20 mins on the cable car. As usual, the scenery was breathtaking.

Try to spot my friends in the other cable car, number 20. The ride was'nt really scary la, partly because the fog blocked some of the scary steep ravines.

Nothing but just pure greenery.

Once we got there, we immedieately checked into our room @ Theme Park Hotel.

The girls on our trip @ The Frontage, Theme Park Hotel.

Chilling @ The Room. Superior Room, each with 2 queen sized beds.

Time to intro my new form 6 friends to you guys ok. From left, Li Chieh, Pooi Yee and Jia Xin. Sissy Charles, is on the right, abit cut out. Hahaaa.

We wasted no time, and immedieately crashed into the Outdoor Theme Park.

First ride was the Spinner. We were spining in ice-cold air. The feeling, better than sex! Haha...yeah right la. But nevertheless, it was hell orgasmic.

Here's a shot, taken when were were lining up.

The little boy, on the right, was totally not in our group ok. God knows why he came and pose with us. I din noe he was in the photo also, until i reviewed it. Then i was like WTFFF???!!!

Ready, to swing up in the air.

Charles + Pooi Yee + Shon.

Kah Fai + Quin ( The gurl with the tongue sticking out) + Patrick ( the guy with his chunted SLR cam) + King Wei ( The guy in red)

Next up, it was the cyclone. What was great was, there were not many people, so we could go over and over and over again on the rides. Hehe... yeahh!!

While we were queueing up. Here are my happening form 6 pals. The guy on the left most is kah fai, the couple in the middle is lee quin and patrick, the couple on the right is li chieh and king wei.
The guys at the back, sze wei and shon.

Quin wants to prove that she is not vertically challenged.

The first car, ready to go! In total, we occupied 3 cars.

Here's the vid of the Cyclone running. Taken by yours truly =).

Blarghh, I'm lazy to type out the events slowly, so i will just run throught the pictures aight? If i were to slowly pen down every line, sampai tomorrow also tak habis la. Here goes.....

Boating. I tell you, this was a fucking leg killer ok. It was worst than a treadmill machine. When i started peddling, OH MY GOD, dam shitt tiring okkk. I nearly passed out in the boat. Thank god my friend beside me took over after i was shit tired.

Lesson learnt: Never go too far out in the boat, play safe, and peddle near the jetty.

Chen Hsein and Jia Xin. That girl ya, i tell you, she's damn innocent alright. For her age, at 18, she knows VERY little about sex. Seriously. Hahhaaa

Charles and Pooi Yee. This Charles ya, bayak takut ok. He din wanna stay overnight, because he was scared of them ahem the room la. So, he and Chen Hsien went for a day trip.

The 2 lovebirds on the boat. Oh yaaa, did i tell you this guy's name is KING WEI. NO JOKEEE.... when i just got to noe him, he said he was king wei, and i was like WTFFFF WEIIHHH, sound so much like the girl in DJ alright. His gf there is Li Chieh.

Me and Sze Wei. If u're from DU, you'll recognise him as a scout, active in hiking trips.

Quin + Pat. If u know him well, he is always armed with a camera in his hand !! He's a great photographer.

The guys, waiting in line for the teacup ride. This ride ya, if u beh tahan, please DO NOT EVER GO ON IT. If you spin fast ya, and u have a weak stomach, u will puke like there's no tomorrow.

We seporated ourselves, into different cups. Those who want to spin extreme, or those who din't want to spin at all. Of course, my cup was spinning like god-like speed. These 3 ppl, on the other hand, decided to take it "nice and slowly".

Next, it was time for the dickscrew a.k.a the Corkscrew laaaa. I tell you, u know why damn shiok, that's because there was no crowd, and as i told u guys, no need to wait la. Just go in and sit only.

Some call this, the stairway to hell. Haha, it's actually the lift hill, for the corkscrew.

We occupied 3 carriages. That quin and patrick on the first, jia xin and pooi yee next, back there was charles, chen hsien, king wei and li chieh. Me and kah fai took front seats.

My friends in the middle part of the coaster.

This is excatly how people look when they are excited.

Anyway, here's the video of the ride. You guys gota give me props for having the balls of steel to hold on to the camera while diving in and out of the drops. Here, enjoy !!

Enjoyed it? I hope you guys did !! I had my share of fun too.

Next, it was time to FLY !! This time round, it was WAYYY CHEAPER than the last time i rode it. RM10 for 5, it;s only RM 2 for one round. The last time, they charged me RM 10, for one friggin round alright !!

The overall flying coaster track layout.

My friends flying. Note kah fai's face ( 2nd fella from the right). U know why, the headrests STILL FUCKING STINKS. Busuk gilerrr. Next time i go up on the ride, i am so gonna bring my own detergent and towels. Goddamnit, those headrests need a good cleanin.

The 2nd car.

Sze Wei, Pooi Yee and Me. If you guys was wondering why i din't cam-whore that much, that's because most of the photos posted are form my cam, and only some from my friend's. So, naturally, i took the photos and hence, the lack of my presence. Alright?

Up next, the Space Shot. There was practically almost no one queueing up, so rode about 7-8 times consecutively on it. No kidding. Towards the end, i was practically so attached to the ride, until i did not bother to hold on to anything. Hence, i lifted my hands up like superman !! Observe.

My cousin calls this the "shitting chair". He once sat on it, and he was sooo scared until he nearly poop-ed. Hence, its name.

Look ma, no hands!! I wasn't wearing my specs, hence the dazed look.

These 2 girls were really friendly, after the ride, they were sharing experiences on how they screamed the lungs off.

After trying out every ride on the theme park, we retreated back to our hotel partly because it was late and the mist was very thick. After a good shower, and a little rest, we continued our agenda as planned, First World Theme Park.

The bit on the First World and the following events, will be on my next post. Can;t write anymore now. Too much already. B4 i leave, here are a few group shots.

The whole pack of us ! We definately had great fun !!

This was taken, at the Flyin Coaster Frontage. All of us, minus Charles.

So yeah, see you guys !! That's all for a day, @ the theme park. It was SUPERB FUN.

I'll stop here, for now. Catch my next post, there will be some more photos there.

Bye-bye and take care.


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