Monday, December 04, 2006

lady, hit me tonight

Ok, screw the title. It has totally nothing to do with what i wanna write. U wanna know how i came up with the title? Oh well, i was thinking of a title for this post, and the song on the radio went,

Lady, hit me tonight....
Cau'se my beating is just soo right....
Can't you see....
Your my D-Light.....

Okay, so that's how i came up with it. Now shut up and don't ask.

And so ya, ok ya, since i can't write so much in that pathetic taggie to reply all of your comments, i'll reply them here. First,

Vanessa: Omg, how could you score 49/50, when u dunu BM, you took the english version issit, or did you copy the fella beside you. Hahahhaa, just kiddin laaaaa......

Fei : Ya, me too. They asked me, Apa perlu kamu buat jika ingin brek dgn tiba tiba a/p menunggang motosikal? Anyway, 49/50 is good enuf liao. Dunu whether ppl got full marks anot?

Shalene : Nevermind. High 5. *smack* I got 48 also. Hehe

Mabel : Eh, my family kena cheated when we ate seafood. The guy bringing us around took us to a place to eat fish, crabs, lobster and etc etc... The bloody bill came up to about RM 500+ ( 1.2 Million Rupiah). Damn man.

Zsern: Walau, u better teach me how to drift man. Of course i din do so well on the hill la, FIRST TIME trying la my dear. But i think wira's a better la of cuz. Haha, anyway, yeah i agree on the bribe part. I don't think i will bribe la. So fugging expensive weih. And i plan to change to auto, once i get my license la. My parents would never buy me a manual car, and all my cars at home are auto. My mum does not know how to drive manual also.

Charz: Haha yeah... the kancil's pedals are quite close to each other man. I think if you girls wear HUGE ASS platform shoes, walau, sure overstep the accelerator wan.

Alright, all done right? Did i miss out anyone's comment? If i missed out, jangan kecil hati la. Probably i din't see or what la. Okay, back to my topic:-

Ex Form 3 Class Get-2-Gether Gathering.

3 Cengal. It's been at least 3 years since all of us left that hapenning class. Yet, the spirit still bonds us together as a family. And yes, we do go for dinner's, parties or get-2-gethers say like once a year or so. How often do u get a class as close as this man?

Buffet steamboat. Where else, at Restaurant Talipon.

Wen Jie posing with her signature crabsticks.

Barbequeing was definately unhealthy man. Ok, food was not very good la, but so long for the company lah. Almost all of 3 Cengal's Members turned up.

Wen Jie, Ling Fern and Ty.

Arthur and Calvin.

Sue, Jack and Jiun Yen.

Anna, in the middle.

After eating, we went to Shamus's House to chill for abit. Before going to the mamak to have a drink AGAIN at 12.00 midnight.

Chilling @ Shamus's Place. The 2 girls in the middle are, May and Teriboobies.

Taboo, bring it on man.

Playing speed on the floor.

Peng Cheng.

And the night did not just end there. Haha, Mamak Session @ Mohsin after that.

We were kinda tired, and almost snoozing off on the table.

Suckin on it man.

Fei Yao. He's the man for the night man. The driver, that drove us around. Woohoo....

And if you guys thought this is a busy night, haha, i haven't told u guys my other part of the story. While in the midst of all this, i excused myself for Sha Lene's 18th Birthday Bash.

It was great. Good drinks, great party and ultimately, the company of all the people present. Old faces like Vanessa, oh my god, i almost could not remember her when i saw her, and loads more of other people.

Pictures up on the next post. Oh well, guess what i gave Sha Lene?

Tata, take care. Me, out.


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