Sunday, December 10, 2006

ministry of leisure

I am getting crazier day by day with all these weird ass titles. But nevertheless, this time, it has at least something to do with my posts. As you can see it, it's more going out, going out and GOING OUT. And how can i forget, the party at my house?

Oh well, read on to find out more.

But before i start on my side of the story, pictures @ Sha-Lene's House. Her 18th Bday.

Juney. Her bubly smile make those people who don't smile lifeless man.

Azrina and Sha-Lene. Haven seen these two babes in god-knows-how-long.

Nick and Joshua. Joshua, here, sharing funny tales about Ken Hui, his a-levels classmate. Yeah, Ken Hui, we all knew how u burnt ur wire. Haha.......

Juney and Sook Yen with Josh. Playing taboo. Which of course, i rocked in it la. They were like , TYSERN !!! , u're godlike in this game.

Tse Mun and Vanessa. Haven seen these 2 babes in years. Especially Vanessa on the right, in blue. When i saw her, i was like Whoaa... Haven seen her in almost 5 years. Although time has taken its place, her character is still like wow, the same old self. Great !!

Anyway, more pictures and the "juicier" part of the story can be found at Shalene's Blog or Vanessa's Blog.

So that's about it for the party, now back to the real deal.

It was a cool Friday night, and i was all geared up for Justea Battle of the Bands, to support my friend, Patrick.

Stage layout was cool. Unfortunately, because of the rain, the event was postponed one hour later.

Lighting effects were good. PA system kept breaking down at the start, probably due to the rain short-circuiting the wires.

My friend's band, The Breakfast Club in Action.

Singin out loud. Nevertheless, the competition was very good exposure.

After his performance, we went and took a bite at Kim Gary's. Were we famished by then. Those who joined us, Charz, Kah Fai, King Wei, Shon, Sze Wei, Patrick and Quin.

Ah Fai and King Wei.

Quin and Pat digging into their dessert, which ironically, came first. WTF man? I mean like, which restaurant serves dessert first?

Shon and Sze Wei.

Their Cheese Baked Rice. The standard is not so good already. Cmon man, the cheese is like dam fuggin little lah. Bahh....

Hmm...and that's about it lah, until friday. Oh, and did i tell u guys, that i will be going to Camerons next week. Wooohoo....I love my life man. Photos on my gatering-cum-party next !!


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