Sunday, December 10, 2006

why does it look so, familiar?

Something Vanessa must see. As you guys know, her new blog, has a poster of Marilyn Monroe, as her head banner.

Here it is ;

Yeah, sexy monroe. Now, when i saw her banner, i knew something was funny.

I've seen this before, BUT WHERE THE HECK I SAW IT?!

Naturally, i stared thinking and thinking and thinking la. Where....where? And then it hit me.

Ah..ha. No wonder la. It's the same poster hanging on my bedroom wall.

It's the same old lady i see everynight before i go to sleep.

No wonder so familiar la. Anyway, she looks quite sexy in this pose yeah. One of her most famous poses i think. Bra half down wit a super low cleavage.

So everytime i see my poster, it automatically links to her blog. Hahaha.......


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