Saturday, February 10, 2007

oh wow!

Yes, it time to celebrate. So one burning question remains. Why did tysern took a break from the blogging scene?

Simple lah. There is only one reason,and this reason overrides all the other reasons.

His comp broke down. Yeah i know it sucks when things happen like that, but then hey, look at the brightside. My comp got a new motherboard, and that means that i can further upgrade my ram and my graphic card. Woohoo.

Back to the juicer part of the story, what happened recently yeah?

If you have been following my past stories, you will know that i have been taking driving lessons and my exam is scheduled on the 29th Of Jan. And so, here how my exam went.

On my first try, yes i din't proud of that...okay, i passed my road test and i got 17/20. The freaky part was, even before i made the turning out of SDC to the main road, i peeped to look at the scoresheet on the examinor's paper. Guess what, even b4 hitting the main road, i saw 3 "x". Wat the heck right? Scared shit, i continued on to drive. Thank god, those 3 "X" were the last ones he gave me.

Bah...probably wanted to scare the shit out of me la, knowing so well that i will peep at his paper.

The slope was a screw up on my first try. Why? Because i was not prepared. I wasn't notified that it was already my turn, at then suddenly i hear people shouting at me to get into the car. So unprepared, my car din't even make it on the yellow line on both tries. It only got 50% of the line. So no choice la, fail loh.

And oh yes, the next week i sat for it, i got the slope neatly well done, as well as the side parking and the 3-point-turn. So bravo for me, my driving lesson ordeal is finally over.

Hitting the roads, Here i come!


I managed to make a Trip to Sunway Lagoon during my year-end break. Nothing much new there only that there was this new attraction, called the pirate's revenge.

The pirate's revenge is actually a pirate ship, but this time, it swings 360 degress into the air. And so;

This is how it looks like. It slowly swing from one side to another, getting higher and higher and finally reaching the top.

Almost making the 360 turn. It's not really scary actually. When i sat on it, it did not feel really that fast. Vortex @ Euro Fun Park was way better.

Here a video of it running :-

There you go.

Among the better rides in the theme park were the :-

Colorado Splash. Man this ride is magical. I came here ten years ago, and until now i still love it.

The concept's pretty basic. Just a simple, fast downward thrust slide moving on high speed, while you're sitting on a bloated raft-like carriage for 2 people.

Basically, you start from the top and once they hit the launch button, u speed all the way down.

The landing pad.

Besides that, the rolling thunder mine train was also a blast.

These were the bunch of my bro's close friends who tagged along.

On the train. Of all the rides in Sunway, i think this ride provides a little scary feeling. The rest of the rides are mainly not scary and baby-ish.

These are the highlights of the ride.

Next up, the Tom-a-Hawk. Something like the top-gun you see in the funfair.

Me on it.

Snippets of the ride.

Oh yes, another ride worth visiting is the flume ride. I know it sounds kiddy, but hey, the drop is quite step tho.

The flume goes on a track on the lake, then up the conveyer belt to two drops. This is the 2nd drop, when the flume exits the snake mouth.

Bird's eye view of the water theme park.

Spot the roller-coaster tracks on the rocks.

That's all about it for this time. More to come next time.

Till then, bye bye!


Anonymous kh said...

only you are brave enough to sit those rides! i would have died in the middle of the ride and the authorities will have to scrape my nelted remains off the seat >.>

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 3:00:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

Haha, no la not so bad. U can get used to it was. Just sit more and relax =p.

Oh btw, my license FINALLY arrived after god long years of waiting. And you know where is my first destination i drive to once i got my license?



Tuesday, February 13, 2007 6:40:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

get used to it wan*

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 6:40:00 PM  

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