Friday, June 08, 2007

she works hard for the money

Yah, the title was a random subject. Something i was thinking. Anyway, i still think my blog holds classic in all categories leh.

Come to think of it, since i started blogging, I have never changed the template even once, nor the skin. The only thing i changed is the blog title.

Bah, anyway, back on to the "happening" part of my life, damn there's just so much to say. So, here goes,

4th June 07'- Patrick's Birthday @ Hard Rock & Luna Bar.

Back to my topic, oh yes Luna Bar is such a wonder. So bloody fooking relaxing and pure yeah. When you're up 34 stories at the rooftop, nothing stops you. Pics down below, but before that, the group had a suprise event for Patrick on his 19th birthday.

Quin and her other half, Patrick.

Pat + Thong Siang + Ty. Damn, i haven't been camwhoring for a long while, lost all the bloody magic in it.

And there was Kee Peng and Kah Fai.

Food there was quite reasonable, starting from the 20's to the 50/60's. The taste was alright too, and here it was.

We ordered,

Lamb steak-pulled burger. This was great. The lamb pattie was soft, tender and juicy. And just about the right size.

This was quite your money's worth. Quite a huge ass portion, 1/2 a chicken for Rm 26. The BBQ-ed meat was alright, but the chicken breast was a little dry. So, it's just kinda ok only.

Penne paste. It was good too, but yeah hey, its quite a huge portion too. The cheese blended well with the chicken slices on top.

Outside concorde hotel, we spotted this weird looking pipe and steam was emerging from in. These the boys thought is was "cool" ur so...

Ur yeah, lame stuff happens.

Oh yeah, highlight of the night @ Luna.

The view, the bar the everything was breathtaking. What more can you expect when you're 34 floors up in the open air?

Drinks were pricey, definately, at such an upmarket place.

Hah, caught you sipping on beer.

We were sitting in glass covered areas, which provided full view of KL. Not recommended if you're scared of heights, but hell yeah, here's what we could see.

Great eh.

It's hard to get perfect knock-out shots when u're using a pocket slim series kodak digital camera u know.

Nah, i'll just rip some off Kah Fai's cam for now.

The glass cubicle which dangles out, giving fantastic night views.

The bar.

A final group photo before we left the place.

Yeap, that's about it. More to come. Actually, i have a lot more events to show u all. Bye


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