Sunday, July 22, 2007

grey tower, by the sea

Alright, screw the emo-orientated title, I really have no idea what to fill in.

I have Law Olympiad tomorrow, in HELP. OMG, i am STILL a newbie at it, having only participated once last year, and my team got 8th placing.

Oh well, the winning team walks home with RM 1500 cash, so fingers crossed, it will be my team that pockets the cash.

Pray Hard.

On another note, my life has been like how it was everytime. UpS and DownS, there's no way you can be happy all the time right. Anyway, there's something i would like to show you guys:-

It was class mag time, school leavers page, and it was time to take pictures.
Looking at this, i remembered the times in DJ how we laugh, carried and pulled through tough or happy times.

Form Six was all the same actually, only a little bit harder.

As there were limited posing places in school, the staircase had to be turned into a posing place.

Fountain shot. Took a few tries to get it all right.

Another group shot.

The finished product, which will star in the school magazine,

Page one, not really professionally done, but hey, at least it serves its purpose.

Second sheet, with the help of Patrick.

One of the up most lamest shots you can find.

More and more weird poses.

Alright, will be off now, and i will return for a report on my Law Olympiad competition. See you guys.


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