Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Bahh, i know this post is way outdated, but how can i miss it out? It was my brother's huge-est ever birthday bash, and as family members, the planning was of course tedious as hell.

And it was a very special year as he was born on the 7th of July, hence this year the triple 07'.

He decided to have it at home, and he called around 60 plus guests. Yeap, the house nearly exploded.

My mum opted for full catering service with waiters, which costed a bomb.

Everything was ready, by the afternoon. The party kicked off at six.

Tyron's buddies, warming up before the party.

And so, more and more crashed in. Spot anyone you know?

The food, very nicely done. They served dessert, such as bubu chacha and deliciously orgasmic kuih.

More of tyron's friends. Somehow, even form 2's look quite matured now. Unlike my times. Hahah

The 2 boys were Kheng Kin and Ronald. Not too sure about the girl's name tho.

The guy in the red stripes t shirt is En Zhen, Yi Chian's bro. Still got that babyface eh?

Welcoming more and more people. Everyone, relatives, parents friends' came over. Damn, you should have checked out the stash of ang pow my bro received.

My mum's "sisters click". Really nice people. Aunt Mary & Amy.

Dad, bro and Mum, and i was obviously, the cameraman.

Oh whoops, not ready yet.

All right, all together now....

Yeah, much better.

After the party, most of my brother's friends stayed over. They resulted to take wacky shots, such as :-

Mmmm..Yeah, no comments.

Haha, the pointing to nothing pose.

That practically sums up everything that has to be said, and since everyone had fun on that day, oh well all that starts well ends well.

Till then, other times. Bye.


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