Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bowling. Club. Farewell

Yes, the most happening funky club in SMK Sultan Abdul Samad just had one of it's biggest events to date. Wait, yes, i think this is the biggest.

Steamboat farewell at my place, and this time juniors and seniors and some other crashed in, with full force in my house.

Don't you just love parties? Steamboat eh?

Ahh....yeah my juniours, playing heart attack.

As the ex president, now..... putting up something like that needed well, actually little time. The main factor was actually the sponsorship from the club, yeah, you know, on how much to spend on food, drinks, etc etc....

These guys were playing the PS2 and some of them got so bloody high on the bra and panties match, i think their screams sounded as bad as a baby giving birth to a cow.

The guy in black tees is Yie Hahn, or our now new head prefect, and the guy on his right, is lip kent (chung kent's bro) . I damn salute him man, since morning until night, he was still in his school uniform. Haha

The food, there were tons left in the fridge at this point, but yeah, almost all was wiped out at the end of the party.

More people crashed in, and the eating began !!!

The 2nd steamboat pot was a joke. It kong-ed out right when i wanted to use it eh. Omg, so how....use a rice cooker lah. Hahahaha... Can wurt....

Fitting in everything.

If you guys din't know him, thong siang on the left, ken chong on the right.

Yam Seng time. It was so loud, it brought down the neighbour's house.
Look at that drunk fella using the fu chuk box to yam seng. Classic lah.....

My new AGM board. From left, Hui Min, Tzy Wey and omg...i forget the gurl's name lah. Oops...

Downing down beer, no shit, they drank a total of 12 bottles, and one bottle of whisky.

Wan Tian, is my new vice president. Gurl with the specs, bottom row.

Part of the new board, posing at the sofa.

Next, they had souveniers for the old board. From ajk's all the way up, there was something for everyone.

Kah Fai, as the event manager.

Wei Loon, as the secretary.

Ken Chong, taking his "prize".


And oh my god, i look so shit blur in this photo alright. God knows what i was doing at that time.


Everyone was shoving and pushing just to get this shot right.

All the lower sixes.

Remember i told you they drank around 12 bottles, of beer....well....

Yeah, leaving only rubbish behind.

Now, on to some random shots.....

Your current head prefect asking for more. Oh well, he was kinda red-faced by the end of the night. Hahahah

Another omg-wtf yam-seng pose. With barbeque sauce...wth?

Bitching the night away, with drinks.

Ah King, fixing or rather cooking the ingredients. Yes, that is the rice pot we used, for the 2nd pot.

More photos of the ingredients.

Taboo-ing on the floor. Those who know me... oh well, some duwan to play with me already. U know why lah.

All in one, it was a great night spent.

Till then , later times.


Blogger Lee Quin said...

wth wth wei loon as SECRETARY????!!!! oi, where's my souvenir!

Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:25:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

eh...with the juniors leh..ahhaa

Monday, September 10, 2007 9:21:00 PM  

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