Sunday, August 19, 2007

foodie time

It's been long since the last time i gave a restaurant review. Well, here's one.

It's in KL, next to the Gerakan building, if you're interested, message me and I will tell you the exact location.

Oh yah, it's called Rest De Mau.

The highlight of the day was the sharks fin soup. Absolutely stunner i tell you. The shark fin was crunchy, and when you throw in green chillies, it was god sent.

The scallops were really huge. Alto the black pepper sauce was a tad strong, still still great.

The chicken, very herbal-ish kind. Anyway, the sauce (chap) in the chicken was great.

The vege, very unique i say. Fried with pork bits and century egg, the vege-icky taste was not there, instead the vege was full with flavour.

Need i say more on the size of the pomfret. The garnishing, was fuiyoh, crispy, oily and great.

Saving the best for the last.......*drumrolls*

Salted egg prawns with cheese.......

Mmmmm, the salted egg, went SO WELL with the cheese. Absolutely eye-opener. Better still, each prawn had the roe in it's head, freaking high in cholesterol, but who cares man.

And now, on to the people, introducing......

My parents. Who wanna help me photoshop this pic, and put a love sign around it? Haha

Aunt Jennifer and Amelia (Nick's Sis).

There are more photos, but sigh, i am running out of time, gotta get something done....That's all for now lah. Tata.


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