Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes, very random post.

Since my cam pics are stuck in the cam, i'll have to wait till i get my card reader changed.

So just for the time being, haha as fei said, for a filler post, these pics are fr my h/p

Snapped this when i was driving behind this fella. Really cool car plate i must say, bet with cha his name is either Dave or David Ooi lah.

Oh well, i saw an old uncle driving a honda with the number plate PEN15 b4. Will share with you guys if i have the photo. If you don't know what that means, penis lah.

King Wei with his OMFG i am a monkey post. Yeah, when things get boring in class....

Now my turn. Altho the pic ain't aligned perfectly, but then again, hey, don't i look cute?

This was shot during patrick's 19th birthday at hard rock and luna.
Oh ya btw, if you don't know them it's Pat>Thong S>Ty.

Sze "Raja Tidur" Wei snoozing out during Mrs Tan's class. Oh well, all of us really look up to him for able to sleep in such weird places.

Chem exp, with transition elements. If you don't know what are d-block elements, heh, do your revision.

Last but not least, me and pik yuen posing with homer, during our movie outing to catch the simpson's movie. Oh well, the movie was great!!

Anyway, yeah that's about it for my filler post. Till next time. Bye.


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