Wednesday, October 17, 2007

when was the last time, you had

Yessss... when was the last moment or time you had Kenny Rogers?! For me, i think it was a good one year ago. Oh well, as far as I'm concerned, they serve pretty good roasted chicken.

Oh well, actually it was more like an old-friends reunion for a few of us. Taking a few hours of study won't kill right?

Quarter chix meal with their kick ass side dishes. Oh well, the potato salad is another winner.

Their muffin buns are just simply great. Each and everyone bursting with flavor and aroma when it goes down into your stomach, i give them the Gold Medal Award for their muffins.

How can you now love this jacket potato by just looking at it. Here goes, the cheese is melted over chicken, tomato and corn strips, and this helluva goodness is stuff into the salt-baked potato. Wow, that all so much that i can fit it.

This was my meal. Yeah call me a potato freak, but then i absolutely adore them. Yeah, i might even consider getting married with a potato.

Yeah, the girls of the evening, or should i say, my darlings. Haha. Haven't seen then in like ages.

and yes, being girls they decided to pose with.......

Soup, yeah you heard me right. Soup models. Haha, ok lah, boleh jadi model lah. Looks really steamy and delicious eh. Er yah, i was referring to the soup.

This pose of me and ken hui is so typical. Scroll to my older posts, and i bet withcha, you can find the exact same posing style.

All right, that's all.


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