Monday, December 10, 2007


The title up there explains alot about my dissaperance from the bloggin scene. Alright as a warm-up, STPM is finally over, to put it into words, alot of us did not really scream and tear our hair up after the exams.

At this kinda age, everyone was just so relieved and thankful that our holidays have just begun.

Not gonna blog much about STPM as most of my fellow school mates have already poured out their rantings about the exam, not gonna bore you thru my rantings. I have only one thing to say, as the saying goes, STPM is hard. True, very true.

I am currently typing out the events of my birthday celebrations, so this post will hang in awhile. Anyway, for those who wishes, thank you alot, for those who suprised, you guys rocked, for those who attended the BBQ party, you guys are the BOMB!

Haha, alright, back to my typing. Brb awhile.

And oh yes, Prom and Langkawi trip, IS IN THIS DAMNNN WEEKKKK.

Guess what, tysern has yoga classes tomorrow. Hahahhaa


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