Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Grad Ball, or Langkawi (1)

Yeah, that's right, i have 2 major events that SERIOUSLY need posting. This or that, i ask myself. Anyway, since most of my friends have posted about the grad ball, i think i will go on about the awesome super fun cum drunkfest Langkawi Trip.

Yes, there was a goner every night.

Overall, the place there is yes, quite good, the beach is happening, not to say as good and stunning as Redang or Tioman, but it's happening, stocked with people, music, booze and events.

View from the Cable Car Station was superb, and other places had rich historical value. Trekking the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall was tiring, but the view was worth it. Anyway. let's get started.

Ooohhh, before that, there are still some more party events that need posting, but i think you guys are probably bored of the party posts, so let's shift gear for awhile kay. Will get back to those after my Langkawi trip.

16th Dec - Late night departure from LCCT Terminal.

Did i tell you guys that there were a total sixteen of us going? Haha, thank god the plane was only about 70% full, and there were ample of seats to choose from.

Air Asia, oh well, it was their style again, flight was delayed about 20 mins. Coming back was worst, delayed an hour plus.

Ah Chong, Ah Siang and Ah David waiting.

One thing sucky about Air Asia is their kiasu-ish system of queing up for the seats. These people were so quick at grabbing the lines, once the PA system annouces the flight depature sequence, the lines were already horrendously long, and everyone was waiting as if someone was out there giving out free cash like that.

Needless to say, the 16 of us got stuck at the back, but heck who cares, we got good seats anyway.

Everyone queuing as if there was a mad gold rush like that.

This was back when everyone was checking in their luggage. We had sixteen people, but more than 20 bags, including a few huge ass square briefcase bags. We brought almost everything there, such as a PS2, complete with DDR mats, yeah no shit, food supply such as luncheon meat, maggi in a cup, tuna, bread, junk food, board games, taboo, and whatever under the sun.

Heck, there was a bag specially for our beach slippers. Don't get me started on the sun tan lotion, bikini, trunks and oh yeah, we managed to squeeze in a football too.

Somehow, posing in the airport seems like much more fun aight ? Anyway, poor david was dead sick on the day we left, and hence his mau mati face lah.

Arguably one of the best candid shots of the trip, i just can't resist posting this up for everyone to see. Mc'D in the airport costed a bomb alright.

Even though that pictures at the airport tarmac were strictly forbidden, but i think these guys just did not give a shit. Oh well, me too. Who cares lah.

Yeah, bunch of ignorant people.

In case you don't know them,
Top row fr left : David, Chongxian, Ken Chong, Kar Fai, and Shon.
Middle guy : Kok Hui.

Ken C and Kar F just had to kacau the lovebirds picture.

Haha, much better now.

Me head looks freaking deformed as i was resting it on the overhead compartment.

Close to 10.00, we blasted off and arrived at Langkawi International Airport close to midnight.

After collecting our luggage and Lgk Int Airport. All right, it's another day already right, the following parts will be coming up.

Stay tuned for Day 2, 17th Dec.

Bye people.

Heh, sorry i really need to sleep now, i have to teach tomorrow alright.


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