Friday, March 07, 2008

bits and pieces

Yeah, this post is gonna be abit from everything. I guess its the best way to clear up all events.

Anyway, gonna be busy for Miss Tan's Bday tonight, so it's again a friday night out.

Oh, did i tell you what happened last week at BED @ Asian Heritage Row, opposite The Loft. I was totally gone that night, yeah really. Anyway,

@ Shu Wen's house. Awesome ain't it, when you have a place that has everything under the sun.
Spot Chong ( on the max right, standing) with the students. They were supposed to do a, erm all jump in together pose.

The jumping in shot. Oh well, for some only it seems.

My students in the pool. Oh yeah, haha, in the end, they all dragged me in, i was soaking wet, my jeans weighed a ton.

On to another event,

Wei Loon, Naked Fai, Chidness, Chong, TS and Liewlala during New Year's Eve.

Kok hui, shon, me and KC crashing the couples' photo.

Honey barbecued wings never tasted better.

Do you want a bite? =)

Obviously, the night was a wild one, with........

Don't even get started on how much we drank.


Bristol Cream, smooth and sweet.

Not to forget, the super chunted wine which was smooth, sweet and light like ribena. Awesome, we whacked all 4 litres of it. And the wine packaging was really unique, it came in a package.

Our shadow pose.

Alright, i fail terribly at lala poses. That means, i ain't lala. Hey, hows that?

Everyone, at the apartment.

Yeah, i brought along my MJ table and set. Seriously, we're like addicted to it already. Not a good sign.

Thong Siang was quite gone already at this part. Me and chong, still doing fine, i suppose.

Allright, more pictures will be up ASAP, there still CNY parties, get-2-gether yamcha's, and loads more.

For now, it's my time to go out for my Friday Night Fever. Miss Tan's thingy and loads more. Till then, bye.


Anonymous quin said...

pat will kill's a CONDO, not an apartment..hahaha lol..and will you stop calling me miss tan arh? lol..quin would be nice, thank you very much xD

Sunday, March 09, 2008 9:34:00 PM  

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