Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tysern is in the shower.

Tysern is now currently taking his time, leisurely showering as we wait impatiently.

He bursts out of the shower and goes, "change into your pajamas ler!"

Chong runs of and talks to Tysern.

"Where does Ee Fei stay?"

I don't seem to hear an intelligible reply and Tysern moves on to put his pajamas on. Yes, you heard that right, pajamas. As a matter of fact, I am (note: I am not Tysern) in my pajamas too, but then again they aren't really pajamas but more of what a typical JC kid in Singapore would wear for PE. (:

Heheh. (: We'll post pictures of what we're up to tonight later, but till then, keep guessing what we're up to!


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