Monday, April 28, 2008

ipoh madness

Oh yeah, me, pat, chong and a whole lot of other people just got back from the land of silky smooth hor fun, super yummylicious salted chicken and who can forget, fat-ass taugeh.

Trust me, getting up at 5 in the morning was not very easy, to say the least. But then, getting up early means more time in the day to play right?

Shiau giving that corny smile on the way. 3 cars drove up, Pat's, Shiau's and Hui Ling's.

The journey up north was not without mini obstructions alright. There were road repairs, etc etc. Thankfully, it was only for a minor part of the highway.

And guys being guys, at the straight parts, pat just blasted off lar.

The police will kill for this shot.

It wasn't long before were arrived AT the Simpang Pulai exit.

You see, i wanted to be a lil' artistic, hence the black and white shot.

Once all of us arrived safely, we took of to our first makan stop, Thean Chun coffee shop.

Their custard needs to introduction. It was just damn right good.

Who can forget Ipoh Hor fun lorr, anyway i LOVED, yes u read me, fucxxxx LOVED the texture of the noodles. As smooth as my baby sexy skin lorr.

Whacking everything down.

Chid, chong, laladavid, and the 2 girs behind, hui ling and yu ting.

After eating, we went to dump our bags at our respective homes, yeah we had family accomodation in Ipoh, and we blasted of to the Lost World of Tambun.

On the way there, we saw this lil unique sign. It "reads" was on tow, but the "was" is actually part of the car plate number.

Yeah, protecting my baby sexy smooth skin before heading out to the waterpark.

Chong was so kong-ed out he slept on the way there.

Oh dear, i just love waterparks ok. Call me childish, but so what?

Looks like chongy boy is more excited than I am after all.

We all posed for group shots outside the themepark. Not in pic, shiau and pat who were takin the photos.

They sooo wanted more despo posing.

Aeriel view of the thempark. Gotta love the fake beach lor, quite stunning actually.

Me larr, who else.

The first ride we fit was the water tube slides. As a consolation prize to the Rm 22.90 we paid to enter, the waterpark was practically deserted. A very good thing i would say. No waiting, haha.

Anyway, chid cracked a horrendously lame joke for us alright. He said, " aiyah, u know why no people, because its the lost world of tambun, people cannot find it marr".

Lame , i know.

Although it looks kiddy, it was actually great fun. Zooming down the slides at quite a high speed was something really exciting to do.

Walking up the steps to the top of the slide was really a bitch. And worst still, we had to carry the floats along too. Next time they should just install elevators or something to cater for lazy people like me.

Zhang and Yu Ting coming down the slides first. As we whooshed down in full speed, it was like a mini roller coaster.


My freakin face looks constipated alright. David was sitting behind me.

Liewlala and chid.

After all the slides, it was time for another ride. Behold,

The cliff racer.

Coming down with full speed was great, but at the base of the slide, there is this big water buffer area to slow your tube down. And when you ass hits that part, it's like running your ass through one big nasty cheese grater.

Man that hurts.

The nasty ass grater area.

Yes, the theme park was that empty, till the extent we could just hog the slides.

Partial snapshots of us coming down the slide.

And there's 2 videos to it also.

Me and chong.

Chid and david.

Ignore the baby screaming alright. We were happy and excited.

Beside the slides there was this hot spring thingy too. Trust me, the water was hot.

The lala wannabe and the real lala posing.

Around the water park, there were tiger cages,

Yeah, the usual boring stuff u see at every theme park

This shot was kinda cute.

We tried to take superhero shots before leaving the theme park.

As the park was already closing, we had to move out butts off, and head for dinner. Where?

The famous Menglembu Wan Tan Mee larrr.

Told you guys ipoh had huge-ass taugehs.

Wan Tan Mee with the wantons in a seporate bowl was cheap, RM 2 only, but the portion was pathetically small.

Nevertheless, i loved the crunchy texture of the noodles.

The ice kacang and the lin chee kang.

The smooth pak cham kai was worth it too. Rm 24 for 2 huge portions. Value for money lerr. Oh goodness, why do i sound like Tesco or Giant ar, value here, save this, save that.

The girls tucking into their meal.

Zhang, Shiau and Ty.

Liewlala giving the act cool look.

Chid trying to master the technique of using the chopsticks.

Chong and Jiaqi.

Soon after, they chilled out at my place until 10-ish, before all of us went back to shiau's place to sleep.

Taking a rest after an adventurous day.

Soon after, we all kong-ed out flat after a tiring day.

The next day, a new chapter begun. Coverage on it on my next post.

For the photos, credits to Shiau, Pat, Zhang, Jiaqi and Yu Ting. and myself also lar.

That's all for now, bye!


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