Wednesday, April 02, 2008

latest in town

Allright, everyone's probably wondering how things are really coping along in life, well, here's a few.

Firstly, to people out there who still don't know, Andrew, DJ year 2005 is currently in critical condition after suffering from a fall which lead to his brain trauma. He's currently in a coma now. Everyone is doing their best and praying hard enough that he will be back 100% and yes fingers are crossed.

I just returned from the hospital after paying him a visit, FYI he's at the 3rd floor, ICU ward, Damasara Specialist Hospital. After visiting him, his condition seems to be stable at the moment and we can only hope for the best for him.

All the way, from every DJ-ian. Get well soon.


Allright, anyway, back to the post,

Your three sexy teachers on the table. Anyway hell yeah, all of them wore my pyjamas.

This has gotta be one hell of a classic shot. Dang, your temporary teachers are really hardworking.

Kev, me and CX posing with so called door ushers. Trust me, they deserve more than that man.

Stolen pic from the nuffnang blog, but anyway, hey yeah we were literally yawing away into the night.

Ming and Tim, the 2 giants behind everything now.

When the night party tuned up, games, photo sessions, and "modelling tryouts" just simply fell into place. With free food and booze on the line ( unfortunately the beer ran out quick) the event just hyped up. Here are just some random pics of the night.

I was probably laughing off at his exposed underarm hair to the public.

Oh goodness, some even commented i could be better than some standing up there. Oh did i tell you, i felt like a mini-celeb for a few secs. When i did that, the camera flashes were shit blinding.

Yeah, the 4 of us definately had a smashing time.

These 2 are really closet monsters i tell you. My pyjamassssss.........

Kenny Sia and his infamous furong jie jie pose.

Underpants galore. Yes, the nuffnang team made them wear that

No points for guessing the faces in the photo.

Haha, anyway alright, i have photos with other bloggers but i am just too lazy to post them up. I am guessing other blogs have written really good on this, so to my readers, just scout around allright.

See yeah. Bye.


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