Thursday, February 28, 2008

let me define teaching

All right, yeah let Mr Tysern here define what teaching is actually. Being down to earth, since my next week would be my last week, so as Chong's, we all decided to spend quality time with the students.

Quality time so indeed horrrr,

I tell you, i should be shut away in jail for letting the kids pose with those tools alright. But since they really enjoyed every bit of it, who cares lah.

Btw, these were my 2 Cengal heroes.

Or so they called it, daredevil shot. Trust me, the saw was RIGHT at my throat. Gila.

The nutcracker? Is it?!

My goodness, my horny face prevails AGAIN.

Then they got into a massive French kissing frenzy.

We had even more cam-hogging sessions.

Then, even more crazy ideas just sprung out like that. I believe these are worthy of award winning shots.

Hahhaa, take it away.

They actually pulled out a wooden file from my @$$hole.

Anyway, that's just what I did with 2 Cengal. Wanna know what went on with 2 Keruing, stay tuned. Trust me, we posed with the most useful thing in the world. Here's a sneek peek.

Spot it alright. Come back soon for the full drama.

Till then, teacher's writings are until here only. More later.


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