Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lost for words

True to the title, i am really lost for words right now. In a path full confused decisions, after a lil' shocking incident. Anyway, if you want to know what's the lil' shocking crap, read on after my post about my heroes.

Yes, you guys are my heroes honestly. Thanks for being there for me when i am disappointed, and thanks for bitching back and slinging back when the time is right.

1 Belian was the first class to start the ball going for the parties. Farewell parties. We were loaded up with pizzas', drinks, games and a whole lot water balloons.


The boys from 1 Belian. You could tell that they're happy. Really happy.

Dele and blur Yu Kane.

Pui Li taking centre stage with the girls hanging around her.

Your 2 teachers posing with girls from 2 Balau, oh yeah they kinda "crashed" the party.

Lame attempt at a London Bridge pose.

Alright, we really suck at lala poses. I give up.

We were supposed to pull off a superman pose, but julian decided to crash in eh?

The kissing fad just seems to be the in thing these days. For more wanky shots, see Chong's blog.

My mouth was wide open horrendously big. The yum seng must have been powerful with the students.

Gotta love them to bits.

And once the bell stuck at 6.45, they went into a wild frenzy, as I have said. They started splashing me and bombing me with water bombs, non stop. As soon as the whole school saw it, everyone just followed suit. And it left me like this:-

More to come, in part (2), and more juicy stories to be told. Keep on checkin back.


Oh yeah, and who can forget the CLASSIC SHOT, the greatest shot in history.
Damn xiupei, you have great photography skills alright, I'll give you that!

Definitely shot of the year material. They pushed us alright, and xiupei had perfect timing.


Anonymous ~taira~ said...

Haha!! sweet!!!


Friday, May 16, 2008 8:18:00 PM  

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