Monday, April 21, 2008

smart tag madness

KNNCBB, i tell you smart tag operators really suck all right. Poor Mr Tysern had to go as early as 9 plus to the sunway toll office, pay 2x toll and wait for hours for one god damned smart tag unit.

And they were being so bitchy all about it alright. As you guys know i already have a touch and go card, they only cared to sell their units with the touch and go card which costed 30 ringgit ( at least it had 20 dollars inside). When i asked them whether can i just buy the smart tag unit alone, they said sorry, like this u better not buy anything.

So action, as if they monopolize everything all right. Which is kinda true lar, but that does not mean they have to treat us like that lar. People already wanna throw money to them but they still wanna treat us like shit.

Okay whatever, anyway i still got it lar. Nvm.

This crap costed me RM 120 in total + (RM 1.60)x2 toll payment AND waiting like a fool.


You know, it almost 12.30pm, which actually means i need to go to school. And why am i just sitting here, not going to school, that because i am FIRED retired from my job alright.

It just feels weird sitting here typing this out, not attending school suddenly feels so different.

Yeah, happy times.


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