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above everything else

Like what i have said above, finally i have decided to blog on my malacca trip. But then wait, i still have one more day of my Ipoh trip left right, hmm.... Ipoh trip, does that ring your bell?


Oh anyway, screw that, more on Malacca first.

But before i get started on my trip-o-blogging,

Starters pack for a Bachelor Of Business in Accounting (Hons)


Student ID (P/s: the photo on it is WAYYYY to fugly and small)


Offer letter


Oh yeah, Mr Tysern here is gonna start uni next monday. Today was my first day orientation. My classes commence on Mon. Till then, 3 years from now, i am gonna be ( i hope) a full fledged accountant.

Gonna get down and dirty with number and money, if ya' know what i mean heh.


Malacca Trip Day One (16/5/08)

Before all this hype about the freedom event that happened and went on in PD, i was spoilt for choice to either go for the PD Rave or to go for our very own DIY Malacca trip, because these 2 events fell on a date really close to one another ( a week of diff that is). And i decided to plan and go ahead with the Malacca Trip, which was again, a blast.

Spot Jason's Car!

What was supposed to be a ten plus participant trip ballooned into a 15+2 participant trip. A total of 4 cars drove down to Malacca, Mine, Patrick's, Shiau's and Jason's. Hell yeah we needed 4 cars to bring down our luggage.

Typical us, we brought almost the whole house with us.

Mahjong table, PS Games, Gaming Consoles, Mattress,Football, Floats, Water, Canned Food, Junk Food, Maggi Mee, Sunblock, Bra, Panties, yada yada.....

Not that i really did bring everything that i listed, some of those were the items the girls brought.

As for our accommodation, we rented a luxurious 3 room bungalow ( at a' famosa resort) that comes with our very own private pool, ( more on that later) to accommodate the 15 of us. The supposed limit on the bungalow stands at 6 people, but who the hell cares lah. Whack only lar.

I was leading the way. Jason, Pat and Shiau were following.

We left KL at around noon, after picking up Jess, Hwee Chee and Kah Mun from school. The 3 chicks were all the way in to join us, oh yeah, they STILL had school on friday. They got changed right after school and we went and fetch them from school. Albeit after changing lar of course.

The first stop after arriving at the Historic Town of Malacca was where else, but at the ever famous Chicken Rice Ball Stall.

After all the years, this delicacy is still a classic. Still spongy, nice, firm, warm, round, juicy and err, i think i should just stop describing the balls. After you guys get the wrong meaning lar.

Summing it up, the balls were still great lah.

Wei Loon and Liewlala pulling off the "oh-i-am-trying-to-be-cool-pose" as the camera shutter clicked away.

Why does everyone in the world get so pressured to imitate the lala pose? Honestly?!

The chicken on the other hand was really top notch. Smooth, juicy, filling, firm and tender. Don't you wish everything in life was like that eh?

Almost everyone was in the picture. Some where on the other side of the table, couldn't get em all.

Anyway if you're interested, the place were we devoured the balls was at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant, somewhere near jonker walk. For exact directions to the restarant, drop me an e-mail ok. It will be too tedious to slowly explain the direction here. Tq.

Next eating madness frenzy was at the museum cafe and dessert house, which was just a few minutes walk down the same street.

Here, i give their durian chendol a whopping 9/10. It was really that damn good. The one point went to the measly serving that they gave. We want it bigger, and more sweeter, baby.

Ooohhhh, for a moment it was really better than sex. The gula melaka was just thick, nice and sweet. The durian essence was just bursting with aroma, and the ice shaving was as smooth as black velvet on a baby's skin.

I did ask him to pose, and all he could gave me was this wtf face.

The cafe was set in this old time shop so called protected by the UNESCO world heritage site. Bet with ya a thousand bucks that UNESCO would not give two shits if this place just crumbled down to bits.

The decor.

Fai, David, Shon and IwI. Haha the (IwI) is a lame, inside joke. You guys do not need to know aight.

Quin with her back turned to the cam, Pat and Jason sharing camera tips. On the far right, bits of shiau's and KC's head can be seen.

Old time rustic shot. Just wanted to bring back a lil' old memoirs.

By the time we were done with the desserts, we were stuffed till we fell like pooping. Yeah like the saying i made up, "Eat Till Your Shit Excretes".

After all the eating and crazy stuffing, we went on to visit the yada-yada places lar. Like the Stadhuys Building, ( not really sure that's the right spelling, but anyway), A Famosa Fort, god darn, we were so lazy to walk up the steps we just viewed little bits of it from the base of the hill, and we took more photos.

Trying to get a "ok-lah" pro shot with my pathetic camera.

I present to you Malacca. Looks so stupid right.

Single colour shot. Trying to make it look rustic.

All ze guys. The girls were taking a break the opposite side.

(From Pat) Shiau and Jason trying to get their perfect shots.

(From Pat) The so called black crew lar. Ah Fai, Wei Loon, Shiau and Jason.

(From Jason) Windmill shot opposite the stadhuys building.

(From Jason) Definately one of the funkier shots of the trip.

( From Pat) Stairs shot. Damn, we really know how to pose for photos at weird locations.

Soon after, we left Malacca and headed back for Alor Gajah, where a luxurious 3 room bungalow was grandly awaiting our arrival.

Everyone went ooohhh and ahhhh when we saw our magnificent hide-out sin place for the next 2 nights.

Jason taking a stroll down the bungalow avenue.

Damn " lan tow kuai" lar this people. The mahjong table came from my house, to malacca and back to my house again. Eat Mahjong, Sleep Mahjong and Talk Mahjong.

The bungalow, which came with 3 rooms, a kitchen/pantry area and a huge hall, fully air-conditioned.

ATS trying to act cool you know.

We wasted no time jumping into our own private pool straight away, and we played captain ball until the sky grew dark.

Shot taken using my underwater casing. Hence the lil blurry patch on the top right side of the pic. It was the lens cover or sth.

Pat and Lee Quin.

The were splashing water at the cam.

The see-who's-tits-are-bigger-picture competition. Look at ken chong, he definately wins LOL.

We played on and on until we decided to postpone our satay celup dinner.

We only stopped playing when it was around 9 plus, and after washing up, bathing and everything else, we headed back to Malacca for our Satay Celup, where everyone practically flushed all the satay sticks down non stop.

We went to Capitol Satay Celup. Honestly, this place needs absolutely NO introduction. Very popular among tourists and bloggers, this is arguably one of the best in Malacca. The other great Satay Celup joints would be in jalan Ong Kim Wee.

Everything is charged at 60 cents per stick. After consuming a considerable amount of sticks, the waitresses will take our your bonus prize, which is usually huge ass prawns, clams or whatsoever, charged at 60 cents, but worth more than it.

The thick aromatic peanut gravy sauce. Before you start dipping everything into it, the add extra ommph stuff such as more peanuts, black sauce and everything which really makes the flavour burst with every bite.

(From Pat)Makin Magic to the sauce. The amount of stuff added in is seriously kau till the max. The peanuts, chilly, lemon grass, black sauce and everything else.

Kah Mun and Hwee Chee going crazy over the selections.

(From Pat) Prawns on a stick, yummylicious.

( From Pat) The fu chok was definitely the best of the night. That's because it soaked up ALOT of peanut gravy and when you bite into it, the juices just flow out nice and smooth, something like a warm blowjob i suppose.

( From Pat) Look at the damned quill eggs. Super high in cholesterol, but since i have the eat first think later attitude, i whacked them all up.

Shiau and Patrick tucking into the food.

(From Pat) Table one participants.

(From Pat) Table Two Participants.

One advise, getting a table there during peak hours ( that is supper time) is really a HUGE BITCH. We waited for almost 20 mins to 30 mins just for one freaking measly table, albeit after pissing some other people off. It was their fault anyway, who the hell gives a shit. My advise is to call and book first, or at least, talk to the boss straight. He's really nice alright, giving us free Baileys and even a bottle of red wine to bring back to our hotel. How nice is that leh.

That's partly because we chatted with him in a really nice way. And after he treated us to free rounds of Baileys, there was this bitch women from the back table ( yes the one who scolded us with bad fucxxxx words when the boss gave us our table first) who actually was so darn thick skinned to actually ask the boss for a free treat of Baileys. OMG, come on lar, how low can you stooop man. If people do offer you free drinks, then its alright to take, but to go and ask, what the hell is her problem man. Tak tau malu. Yeah she was damn jealous when made good frens with the boss and she DID NOT, SADLY.

Wah, at times I can be so bitchy eh.

Anyway, since we got our revenge,

(From Pat) Heyyy, this time, Patrick's in the photo.

And finally, to close off day one, we took a huge ass group photo with the Capitol Satay Celup Boss, Mr Low himself.

(From Pat) With Mr Low himself, btw, Mr low is the black t shirt guy in the middle.

Let me tell you, day one was awesome. If you thought day one was superb, wait till you see day two. Among the highlights in day 2 were the a famosa water theme park, sightseeing and dinner.

The beautiful pictures above are a join effort of Ty, Patrick, Shiau and Jason.

Stay tuned.


Blogger QuaChee said...

wow yr satay celup pics makes me hungry haha. not eaten in years!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 1:50:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha, yeah the satay celup is nice. btw, nice to meet you, where are you from, LOL?

Monday, June 02, 2008 7:12:00 PM  

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