Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coconut Flower @ Teluk Gong, Port Klang.

Just the other day, i was kinda thinking of shutting my blog down. It's kinda redundant since i rarely update, and i would rather manage a food blog. You know, get rid of this blog and open a food blog since i really do love describing juicy food details. But oh well, for the time being, I'll still bear with this until my new blog is fully constructed which should take like at least, another ten years?

Haha, so anyway, back to reality, finally, a food review for a comeback. I used to be doing regular food reviews back then when my blog was more "active", maybe it's a turning back point now.

Anyway, here are the details:-

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant

Telephone No:- 03-31341167

How do you get there?

Simple. From the Sunway Toll ( it's the one straight after the high 3 storey flyover), follow Port Klang. You will not get to see Teluk Gong on the signboard, hence pay attention to the Port Klang Signage. The tolls are a bitch, ( 3x tolls) although there is a cheaper toll alternative, you can use the summit way, but for now, to keep things simple, i'll just use the basic and simple way. As long as you keep following Port Klang, you'll be on the right path. Once you have reached the end of the Port Klang highway, lookout for the Teluk Gong sign, ( it's in blue) and there will be a curve turning left. Turn left as the sign says so, and you'll past some kinda industrial area. Once you see the seafood restaurant signs, just make one more left turn and you'll be there. Really, really simple, the signbaords are more than adequate. Just follow em.

As usual, the meet up point was at my house, where they were desperate for a few rounds of mahjong. Really "lan tow" lar.

Some of the pics below are from Patrick, Tzu Ting and Jason.

A good 5-6 years ago when this place was relatively new, they started off with only a shack, yes you heard me, a pathetic shack to accommodate their customers. Boom, five years later, they're a huge registered business and prices have gone through the ceiling since then.

A total of 21 of us went, cramped into 4 cars. Thank god we had an avanza to stuff in.

Ah Fai tailing behind.

Chid, ATS, KC, Fai and Jason.

Liewlala rushed to my house straight after work, hence the formal attire. Chid, on the right.

We wasted no time in ordering. We had a total of 8 dishes, yeah a whopping 8 dishes. Unfortunately, the serving was pathetically small, yes you heard it, it was so small, it made microorganisms look like king kongs. Seriously.

The first dish which landed on the table was the hong kong kai lan, which was devoured up just like that, even though we had no rice to compliment it. Yes we were that hungry, but truth to be told, the vegetables are just what you would expect any restaurant to fry for you. Just make it lah, i would say.

Rating:- 6/10

Next up was what they so called "master-class" tau foo, or chiew pai tau foo lar. For something that they called a master class, it's actually quite nice i would say. Not till the point that when you bite into it, you would start to cum straight away, but mayb it would just fill up the orgasmic meter lar. Recommended, try this.

Rating :- 7.5/10

The first time i tried this, i absolutely loved it. This time i tried it, i wanted to shove the lil bones up the lady boss's asshole. It was A HUGE BITCH to slowly pick out the bones. Heck, they were a lil sharp too. Gone were the days when the fish was 100% boneless and you could practically chew up everything. Although the freshness, crispness and and the juicyness was still there, the bones ruined everything.

Rating:- 5.5/10

Tastewise? Good i would say. The typical salad prawns carry the sweet, mayonaise taste, which goes down well with everyone. But to call those prawns, kiss my ass lah. The prawns were so small, they could be passed off as shrimps. To give it my best compliment, i would say, salad-shrimps-which-are-a-lil-big-kinda-dish.

Finally, the attraction of the night, the crabs. Not that bad, but there are shops in PJ doing it better. Maybe that is because we ordered the wrong flavour, but then again, this kam heong style was HIGHLY recommended by the lady boss. The lil gravy that was on the crabs was practically licked dry, and yes, i loved the lil spicy kinda thing going on, complemented by the rich flavour of the crabs. Not too bad, can make it lah.

Rating:- 7.5/10

Definately the best dish of the night. Please take note that i do really get high when the dishes get really salty, i love them. This salt baked crabs had me licking everything off man, the top shell, the pincers, they juicies that flowed from it, EVERYTHING. If you understand cantonese, i was licking the HAI CHAP, or in english, pussy juice. I went till the extent when i told everyone on my table, WA LAU, LI GOR HAI CHAP HOW SEK AR, and they just gave me the -___- stare. Haha

Rating:- 9/10

Although some of them complained than the chicken was a tad too satly, i still kinda loved it. Told you i eat really salty things. The juiciness of the chicken was sealed in perfectly, and the tender meat was something commendable about. Try this man.

Rating:- 7.5/10

Last but not least, the lala mi fun, which is another apprent so called master class dish by the restaurant. Sadly, the lala was so small, it was only visible under the microscope. Tastewise, it was quite good, and was really addictive to eat. Other than the fact that the lala was super mini, it tasted quite good.

Rating 7/10

After that, the drinkin began. We had, 4 bottles of large toddy, which in the end we had to take home one bottles, and a few rounds of beer. Who got really high, read on !

KC, Wei Loon, Jason and Me. Standing up, ATS.

Half of the crowd.

Then after, the downing and the yam seng-ing begun.

Our gang is born, and bred on two tables. The drinking table and the mahjong table. I tell you, the amount that we can drink during parties, madness.

Being the "devil" ( inside joke), hustling more people to drink.

It was just a couple of months ago, the drinking fellowship, 5 of us gulped down 2 huge bottles of neat martini, one bottle of Smirnoff, one crate of wine ( 5 litres), and a part of bombay sapphire. The aftermath, it was a nasty night man.

Soon, the high-ness kicked in, and ATS WHACKED THE WHOLE BOTTLE OF TODDY, alog with chid.

Other tables were just staring mouth open wide at us.

Almost there i suppose.

All in all, it was a fantastic night for the 21 of us. Many thanks again to Patrick and Tzu Ting fot the photos, and yes, i know what are you guys gonna say. Where are the wild life party, mardigras, etc etc updates. I am writing them one by one alright. Next up, nuffnang wilf life party, where Kevin got SO WASTED, but that's another story.

Till then, stay tuned.


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