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more of malacca, finally

Day 2 in Malacca 17th May 08'.

As above, day two was purely reserved for euphoric activities at the Water Theme Park in A Famosa.

Chong and Pat chilling before the action started.

Lining up to get in. It was a Saturday morning that we choose to enter, thankfully it wasn't really packed. There was a crowd, but it was quite light.

Before the trip, i got my camera this really cool underwater casing from which was really amazing in the waterpark. I could actually hold my cam while riding down the slides and actually snap great OMFG moments with it. Why so? You''ll see later.

The first ride that we decided to sit on was the chilling family raft ride, more of a warm-up session before the crazy thriller rides that we conquered later. But nonetheless, this ride was major fun for the raft could fit at least 3-4 people in it. Although we were supposed to act like ahem, teenage kids, we screamed our a$$holes off throughout the ride. Cheh, malu only.

One thing great about this, there a conveyor belt to lug up the raft once it reaches the bottom of the ride. It was quite some time to the bottom, mind you.

Waiting for our turn. Lame-O david trying to act like he's damn cool you know.

First raft to go splash into the water. Shiau, David and Shon.

Second raft to come splashin down.

Ats, KC and Jason. Haha, that pussy-wussy Jason looks macho only lar, but he wore goggles cuz he was scared shitless of water. He really can't swim.

Managed to get a video of us ( Me, Chong, Hwee Chee and Kah Mun) going down the raft ride. Hwee Chee was trying to be a hero and play around when the raft went round the corners, she was nearly flung out and was almost turned into a piece of human minced meat.

Pardon the wussy shouting. Everyone was was excited.

The 2nd ride, which was almost the funnest ( dear me, that kinda word doesn't even exist, tskk terrible), was definitely the tube slides. It was almost like euphoria, almost there.

What i so loved about this slides are the fat-arsed lazy guards. Can you believe it, there was actually no one taking care of the queue at the top, and boys being boys, ( yeah, there was STRICT instructions for only one tube to go down at a time) we formed a huge chain of 4-5 floats ( 8-10 of us) and dragged the whole lot down together. At first, the tubes, yeah notice the plural in the tube(s) swooshed down with neck-breaking speed and we were loving every second of it.

Then it came, the corners.

Trust me, our shit and poop nearly excreted out.

Because we were going down too fast, at the corners, the tubes banking at really the max point of the tube. Everyone was like almost 90 degress from the slide, about to get flung off.

I was the worst, one of my hand was clutching the camera and the other was holding on tightly to the tube for dear life.

Notice at the beginning of the video we were really peppy and happy, and halfway through we started screaming oh shit ( at 0.15), that's the cue for you to know when the scary turning started.

At 0.16 second, look at the amount of people coming down in one go. Tell you, the life guard went like WTF when he saw all the tubes coming down at one time.

Ah fai and wei loon getting ready to slide down.

Screen shots of the video.

Pat and Quin.

Splashing into the water.

Going down the slides.

After these slides, we attacked the main attraction of the A Famosa Water Theme Park.

Jeng jeng jeng, the picture which i extracted out from their website.

Quote "Visible from the North-South Highway, the two towering High Speed Slides is the landmark of A’Famosa Water World. These seven-storey slides provide a heart-stopping, yet breathtaking high velocity joyride as you can hurtle down and reach the ground in just a few seconds! "

Yeah, they're damn hell right when they said the slides provided a heart stopping moment. But they're absolutely bullshitting about the breathtaking high velocity joyride and this is no way in hell a joyride for nuts.

Joyride my ass, bitch. It was a monster ride.

But then, thrill and fun always comes in a package. Behold.

Coming down that seven floors mammoth in a just one damned second, shiok giler.

blasting through water like a hot butter cutting through knife. Yeah, it was that damn fast.

Snapshots of ATS going down the slide. I took him at least 10 seconds to persuade him to let go of the yellow bar. Damn chat fuc**** scared lah, he says.

ASS CRACK CLEAVAGE ALERT . Haha, did i tell you the landing on the slide was like running your ass over a huge nasty cheese grater. Because of the speed that we're blasting through when we reach the bottom, our ass "slaps" against the water ( yeah you can hear that in the video, notice the pak pak pak pak when we come down) and your underpants or underpanties practically gets veggied ( if you don't know what veggie is, its someone pulling up your underpants so hard the cloth drives into your pathethic butt crack) in between you butt hole.

Ken C and Jason ( Mr Pussy) after the slide. Shon, at the back.

Check out the video i took. I was holding on to the camera dearly, and notice how fast it took to plunge 7 storeys

Once the blue tunnel ended, the slide blasts you all the way down, close to a 90 degree angle. Can die man.

Jason coming down at full speed. His reaction, hilarious. TURN UP YOUR VOLUME and listen to what he says at the end of the ride. Listen properly. Hahhaa

Patrick coming down. Just look at the amount of water he disperses.

Hwee Chee taking a moment to breath after tumbling down.

Jess, on the left and Kar Fai.

Really candid.

After all that, we decided to take it slow and we chilled in the lazy river. Why lazy as you ask me? Oh well, you only need to plonk your ass in the float and the gentle current will push you round the whole river. Can sleep and relax man, i tell you.

Among the better, clearer shots of the day were:-

Ken C, Jason, Shiau and David.

Jess and Thong Siang.

Making our way to the lazy river.

Doesn't take a genius to find out what sign he's gonna show.

More photos.

After the lazy river, we went on more body water slides, which was absolute fun till the max.

The guy trying to rip off a macho pose.

Just look at him man, what's wrong with his face LOL.

Guess who created that huge splash.

Lastly, we hit the wave fun which was also uber fun,before taking a group photo and we called it a day.

Everyone at the wave pool.

Wei Loon trying to rip of a lala pose.

Take 2.

Take 2.

Quin and Jess.

Everyone that made magic happen. That's all folks.

Bye !

P/s:- direct channel link to all the videos on my blog, here.



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