Thursday, June 12, 2008

more party updates

Before i begin with the party updates, there will be more on my life. You see, it really isn't a norm for me to rant about me life, not really my "style" i would say, but nowadays, thing are getting so robotic and my life just seems to be under cruise control, which is just moving with the flow.

Starting with my weight problems, not to say that i am fuc**** fat, or i am obese, or i have the fat ass syndrome, i actually managed to trim off a few inches, alright scratch that, not inches, i think a few millimeters of my belly, which i don't know why is really round and fugly.

Why? Simple. Two reasons.

Reason One :- My mum has been constantly bugging me since a few months ago to get my lazy bump off the house every evening to jog, yes you heard it properly, jogging. And can you believe it, i ACTUALLY, yeah a repeat if you did not read it, ACTUALLY managed to jog without collapsing on the floor. Hey, i'm still alive alright. No heart attack or whatever shit.

Reason Two :- In a desperate attempt to save 3 friggin bugs a day, ( 3 a day comes up to about 60 a month (20 days of college) ), i park my car miles away from my jln dungun campus. You see, parking around the campus is really difficult if you do not remit the 3 dollars a day parking fee. If you park by the roadside, its a 100% summon thingy, cause they really patrol everyday. And if they get really pissed with you, they do actually tow away your car, like what happened to one miserable car today. The only way out is to park for away from the patrolling place, which is to park at the housing area. And knowing bangsar/ damansara heights area, notorious for it's mini hills, i need to walk about 2-3 kilometers before reaching my campus. Couple that with the uphills and my heavy bitch ass bag, i burn calories. Really, alot of em'.

Not too bad right, after saving 3 bugs, you lose weight.

Anyway, back to some more party updates.

There's loads more on Chong's and Kevin's.

But for now, the vague details are as follow.

Who's invited? Any form 2 kid, studying in DJ.

Time? 5pm onwards.

Location? Field near the DU nursery. When i say nursery i mean the plant ish nursery, not the kindergarten nursery LOL . Click for map.

Alright, that's all for now, back to my econs textbook. Such a nerd man.



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