Saturday, June 21, 2008

weekly summary

Packed. Hectic.

My weekends are gone, need i say more!?

Friday Night : Mandarin Class

Sat Afternoon : The Hulk @ OU , which i had no choice but to cancel.

Sat Night : Nuffnang Wildlife Party.

Sat Midnight : Meet up drinking session with Debs & Co. , most probably @ Mardi.

Sun Afternoon : Old folks home visit cum items donation with my parents.

Sun Afternoon : Amway Expo @ Sunway Piramid.

Need i say more?!

Oh and yes, Ed's Bday @ Ms Read next Saturday.

And the fact is Ah Fai is gonna leave for Sabah next week, which means another snap gathering before he leaves?

24 hours in a day is not enough.

How am i gonna get it all done? Tell me.


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