Tuesday, July 22, 2008

edmund's 20th

Just a couple of weeks back, actually Edmund's event was way before my latest post, but anyway, the bunch of us had a great time @ Delicious by Ms Read, at OU.

You see, i suck so bad at remembering peoples' name's but then i think the girl on the left is Sin Dee or something like that lar. Eh Lee Quin, she's your primary school mate yarr, ingat tak, I'm supposed to organize a meeting between her and Quin but still belum jadi lar. Anyway, Fei in the middle and Evie Chicken on the right. You know, those were the old f5 jokes lar.

Old is still gold right, secondary friends, Edmund on the top row. Bottom row, Raech, Me and Aminah, whom i just met that night.

Our table, yeah , i know I'm the diamond among the stones lar. ( P/s:- I really hope the girls aren't reading this, they'll kill me for it, jkjk). This was only ONE OF THE TABLES that night, Edmund had to cycle between 4-5 tables, with about 40 guests that night. Yeah, almost the whole restaurant was booked.

Ed + Dee.

Jing, Danny, Evie, Fei, Raech and Me. Old 5 Jati gang. Good times, good times.

Same old peeps + Ken Chong. Eh, isn't that the Messi Jersey from Chongx?

The entries of the night was fabulous as usual. Delicious always serves up to its reputation.

Evie's melting pot, topped with marshmallows.

This carrot cake that we shared till we finished it was just top class man. Its so fragrant and firm, the cream on top was superb.

The pasta was good too.

Duck fillet pasta, something unique, and it tasted really flavorful.

I had this, Chicken Something-something which was the bomb, especially the chicken drumstick part which was SO JUICY and TENDER, the meat just fell off the bones. Felt like orgasm in my mouth. And who can forget the chunted salted potato bites and asparagus at the base of the chicken, everyone started stealing bites of it man.

Cabonara Pasta. The white cream was as smooth as condensed milk and white chocolate blended together. Alright, it might not taste like that but you get my point right. Oh yeah, did i tell you i sampled the green leaf thingy on top, tasted like plastic alright. I felt really stupid thinking it was indeed just a plastic decor, but apparently its some kind of vege.

The wedges was really "tai dow lan" lor, around 8-9 ringgit for this huge pot which in the end the 6 of us on our table had trouble finishing it.

All in all, it was a great night spent. Happy 20th Bday again Ed!



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