Friday, July 18, 2008

the road not taken

If you think that attending farewell yamcha's, pub gatherings and loads more is just plain fun, think otherwise. This week has been pretty depressing for me, if you would see how many treasured friends of mine are leaving Malaysia, or at least West Malaysia.

Earlier in the month is was Ah Fai leaving for Sabah, a good pal whom i met in the early days of form 6. First impression of him was a rowdy teenager that you don't wanna mess with, but then as the friendship bond grew stronger, great points about him started shining through strongly. And i hope it will

Then a few days ago it was Jason, leaving for sarawak, and he's only coming back in December. A great hang out, talk cock buddy lost, i would say. Times just fly when you're having fun, don't it.

Then today was Chongx, Patrick and Kevin but then again i told myself life is like that and we just gotta be patient right. Teaching in DJ definately changed not only our lives, and we definately fostered a special bond between us that nobody except us could understand. Teacher-student-teacher secret eh?

Next month would be Ken Hui leaving for US, and Su Lynn which i only managed to meet up one time before she went back to Australia. Not forgetting Wai Yee who would be going back to UK in like Sept, oh but well, at least there's still time left.

Ming Kuan, another teaching buddy who will be leaving for Aussie this Sunday, yes again, another yamcha buddy going back.

There's nothing much that i can do about this, the only this is that my advice to you guys, friendship is invaluable and treasure that till the maximum.

Anyway, updates, here it comes.

Catch up dinner @ Sushi Zanmai with Ken Hui and co.

Decor and location wise Sushi Zanmai @ OU really isn't that impressive, imagine this, it wasn't even a shoplot, it was just an erection of cement, wood and bricks at the empty spot opposite MPH. (Yes, they were that desperate for a place), and it was done up really fast, maximum 3 months i think they used to complete this place, and since it's in the middle of all the shops, anyone can just peep by you when they're walking past.

But nevertheless, the company and catch up really matters. On the extreme left is Callie who is in HELP also, Wai Yee who is back from the UK and Lynn who also just came back from Australia, Perth.

Me and Ken Hui, who is also just back from China after taking a six month mandarin course there. You see, i really wanted to study mandarin badly ( yeah, i know i am going for weekly classes now) but my mandarin still sucks poo. At least Ken Hui converses fluently in mandarin now, chun weiii.

The salmon salad which came first was was quite satisfactory considering the amount of sauce that came with it, the winning point would definately be the fresh salmon on top of it. Really, really fresh.

Jap noodles which i didn't try but according to Wai Yee and Lynn, it was not bad at all. Honestly, this place serves up quite good quality food.

Apart from the main courses that we ordered, which was actually quite good by the way ( we had salmon rice, udon and soba noodles and salad) we ordered these side dishes to nibble on, which was really good. Even better than the main courses i would say. Anyway, the rice inside the Inari was really fresh, soft and fragant.

Simple, yet great. Definately puts Genki or Sushi King out of business.

Callie's baby octopus. From her feedback, it tasted quite ok.

The Dragon Rolls and Soft Shell Crab Rolls are absofuckinglutely the bomb. Damn nice lorr, you seriously can feel the crunch of the crab skin, and the mayo on top was godlike. Try this if you can.

After our meal, we adjourned to Delicious to have dessert, and to do a little catching up.

As usual, their Chocolate Brownie kicks ass.

This cake was a little bit of a letdown tho, it tasted like some pasar malam sponge cake which u can get for Rm1 for one slice.

The mushroom salad which came as a huge portion, the grilled mushrooms on top of it was really nice.

It's just great to catch up with the buddies of mine, FYI it's not easy to meet them aight, i only get to see them like a few times in a year only.

Ken Hui, who was telling us how cool Siesta was to his Brazilian Course mate while in Beijing. Yeah, dream on for siesta to happen in Malaysia.


Just the other day, something seriously cha-dow and omg happened lar, i just returned home after my mandarin class on friday, and it was a friday night. Thinking to myself, why didn't i have anything to do, it just felt kinda off alright.

Naturally, i just bummed out watching TV and went to sleep. The next day when i was on the phone with kevin, he went " Eh Tysern why didn't you show up at my gathering last night, FKK lar"

" We thought you would be USUALLY late, and you would come later lar, we all were waiting for you"


P/s:- I only knew part of it, that there was something going on, on Friday, and when the time came no one called up so my mind must have taken for granted that it was cancelled.

Anyway lesson learnt, next time when you feel like you have something to attend, but just can't recall, check it up, don't just bum-out.

Haha, anyway, have a great week guys alright. See you.



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