Monday, August 18, 2008

durian + curry laksa session

Finally, i have the time to write this. Just to recap my previous weeks, which i have practically zero time to study, let alone to blog.

a) Cousin's Birthday
b) Fai's Homecoming
c) LAN, LAN and even more LANCIAU work.
d)Bitch Quizzes and Presentations.
e)Friend's farewell
f) Another friend's farewell
g) bla bla bla, and the list goes on................

My LAN subject assignments are a huge bitch. I hate them. I HATE THEM.

Come on man, a 3500 word essay just to explain the theory of woohhh, "Morality", give me a kick in the nuts alright.

Oh so anyway, did i tell you that I attempted my hand at curry laksa?

It was a recipe from a friend, and trust me, making this soup is hard work. Pure hard work. Now I know how it feels to be a hawker.

Getting all these ingredients right weren't so hard after all, probably peeling the cockles were the hardest of this part.

If you're wondering, this happened almost a month ago.

Called the usual bunch over to sample my masterpiece creation.

Digging into the fare.

Apparently my curry laksa was good enough to be sold lar, they say can buka kedai already. Oh well, now u know who cooks well eh =p

We are like total pigs alright. Straight after eating, we plonked our asses down on the mahjong table, and then later hentamed the durians and re-plonked out asses on the mahjong table again.

Hah, so what, i got 2 Fei ok. OMG, talking about mahjong, Ken Chong did something so OMG, you hear also you laugh alright.

So i had 4 Sei Tongs lar, and the i Kong lar, naturally.
And my kong was showing for like quite long already lar,
This KC go and call ka long sei tong, and after the game he was like,
SHIT FU** man, i call sei tong so long already, why no one throw one

I and Thong Siang was like -_____-

Skip this lar if you don't play mahjong. Haha

Soon after, it was durian eating session. KC taking LC as hostage.

This first batch of durians wasn't really that good, truth to be told. It lacked the moisture in the texture. The 2nd batch from my family's farm was fantastic.

One thing's for sure, it really looked good.

These 2 were just waiting for Ah King Durian Seller to chop open the durians. Why durian seller, see below man.

Damn look like durian salesman lorr.

Durian opening in progress.

What did i say about us ploking down right after eating the durians? Oh well, super unhealthy, but who cares anyway?

That's all for now, i should be able to update more this week. Have a great week guys.

On something totally unrelated, i am soooo hooked onto the nintendo Wii.

I don't care, i am getting one, i wanna bug my dad to buy me one right after my exam. I sound like a small kid right?

I mean tennis on it is like super fun wei, can play non stop.

Till then lar, bye!


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