Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Back

Oh yes I am.

I need a little rest before i can start posting the pictures.

I was supposed to catch the 3.00PM First Coach Bus @ OU, but then,

The Check-In Counters.

ATS sent me there on that day.

.............., I was so fuc**** forgetful that i had forgotten to bring along my luggage keys with me alright. And when i realized that, I had no choice but to go back to my house, all the way from OU to get my keys. Seriously, my luggage bag is the hard shit Samsonite type which seriously is almost impossible to crack open w/o the keys.

And ATS drove like a mad man on the road. His Kancil practically weaved in between two lorries, and the side mirrors almost grazed the lorries.

I nearly shat in my pants man.

My bus was leaving at 3, we were on our way back to get the keys, and he was driving at this speed while weaving in and out of cars. ( Check out the time man)

Can you believe it, we made it back right on time. Yes, no shit, the bus was already gonna leave, and Chee Seng was already waiting anxiously for me.

Soon before long, we boarded the bus, and I was on my way to cross over the causeway into the City of Singapore.

Nearing Johor.

Crossing the Causeway nearing darkness.

And my trip just blasted off with loads of fun from there on !!!

Sneek peek:-

So were their boobs that big after all? Stay tuned to find out.

What did Tysern get from their Sex Shop?

@ St James Powerhouse. Who were these people?

Why the gay-shit horny smile?

Was their McD's any different there?

How did i get stuck in toilets like this?

Simple awesome and magical.

Come back to find out the answers. For now, let me have a good night's sleep. Nights.

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