Friday, October 03, 2008

Singapore, Day 1- Where the fun starts

Picking up from my last introductory post, the drama of nearly not boarding the bus ( thank god I got on it man), and this and that, fast forward 5 hours later, my feet landed safely in Singapore, after about an 8 years absence from this Merlion City.

The First Coach bus stopped us at Novena Sq, and being absolute noob shits, Me and Cheez went around asking for directions to the MRT Station.

Trust me, we looked like dumb fools when one girl told us that it was just one escalator down. And did i tell you about the first most fun thing i did in SG?!

I went absolutely bollocks on their super speed escalators. Damn fast lorr i tell you, like sitting roller coaster only. I know i sound like a jakun but then, who can blame them for making their escalators so kick-ass. If i had it my way, I'll tune it up so fast that roller coaster drops look like pussies next to the SG escalators.

First thing we did was to chill at Chongx's Room.

That's his buddy there, Terry, whom me and Cheez made good frens with through out the entire trip.

And they have a friggin McD's specially catered to their Uni Students. It's practically next to some of their hostels. Not just that, the McD's in the Uni is actually cheaper ya know, to make things easier for the students there.

And this is their canteen. So clean, nice, refreshing and organized right.

Chong also claims that the ice-cream over there is milkier and smoother. Oh yes, it was kinda in a way LOL.

Cheez and Chong; He's just trying to show off his "wow" assets, his sparking white teeth. Eleh, as if I dun have XD

And Me + Terry show back ours.

After the night meal, we went off to the super-cool-looking Arts, Design and Media ( herein after referred to as the ADM building), to actually, yes, climb on its rooftop. And we arranged to meet Pat there.

Now, who is such as jackass to risk their life doing that?!

Wait till you see the design of the building.

This show was taken in the afternoon for you to see the building better.

Now, the building is built in such a way that the grass slope leading to the top of the building is actually the roof of the building, hence anyone can scale the steep gradient of the roof. But be careful, one slip up and you'll be rolling down like a sack of potatoes, ala what you see in Bollywood Movies.

The shots above were taken during the day, but we went up that night itself, and trust me, it was much cooler at night. (DUH)

Fr Left: Ah Chong, Pat, Cheez and Terry.

View from the highest point of the building. It was fairly high, and the highest point was about 7-8 levels high.

After spending quite a bit of time there gossiping, i phone reviewing ( yes that pat bugger has one), chatting and taking photos, we adjourned back to chong's place where we chilled a little longer.

Sharing his part of stories.

We had a good chat about almost everything, catching up and exchanging ideas on how to maximize the time and fun-ness ( yeah i know there's no such word) of our trip.


No prized for guessing who made a staple diet out of these weight gain products. ( It was terry lah duh)

Soon after, it was late into the night and it was time to call it a day.

And while walking back to our place, I came across this super cool number plate on a moped.

If ya got a problem with me, I'll F U. Hahaha

And again, before I end my post.

SELAMAT HARI RAYA, and have a great week everyone.

Catch more on my next post. Bye.

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