Saturday, October 04, 2008

Singapore, Day 2 ( Afternoon Session) - Rocking Singapore.

And so, we slept at around 3-4 AM the previous day, and only got up at an ungodly hour 1PM. Yes it was almost there when we freshened up. And yes as you can see, this post will only be on what we did during the noon. There's just too much to write. The night session would be clubbing @ St James, which was SO TOTALLY AWESOME dude.

Soon after, it was time for us to rock Singapore Town. And our first destination was the Esplanade.

First up, we had lunch in NTU's very own canteen. More like a restaurant i say. Puts most of any normal Uni's canteen to shame i tell you. And it's cheap too, i had soft shell crab rice, which you'll see in the pics below and it was only like $3.80 ( yeah you do the math x2.4). Even after conversion, its still much cheaper than any jap food in Malaysia, and it tasted really great too.

Click on the picture to enlarge it and I'm sure you can see the prices nice and clearly.

Dude, this looks lke some foodcourt at a Malaysian Shopping Mall right?! And to call it a canteen, what an understatement.

Cheez had Unagi, which rocked also, while i had

Soft Shell Crab Rice, and the miso soup was FOC btw.

Chong's Nasi Padang which was clearly a winner is its own category.

Alright now, I know that you guys are probably thinking " Dude when it comes to food, Malaysia totally shoves SG to hell", and " How the Fu*^ can SG be better when it comes to food"?

Yeah truthfully, that's quite true when it comes to 100% hawker food such as Char Kuay Teow, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Siew Yuk, Curry Laksa and the likes of it. Mainly because there ain't much hawker stalls in SG, as compared to Malaysia.

But if we were to compare food of other likes, such as Japenese, Fast Food or Fine Dining, I'm sure SG gives Malaysia a run for their money when it comes to that category. And in terms of cleanliness, you know who is the outright clear winner lar DUH.

But still, my final verdict, MALAYSIA WINS LAAAA. Not because of the price, but because there are so many things back home that kick ass. Dude, who can give up the sinful roast meat, rojak, char kuay teow, ice kacang and what not shit man. Who cares if it's dirty, or if there are rats. As the saying going, the bigger the rats, the tastier the food.

So technically, here a little to clarify your doubts about the food down in SG, but not to worry mates, its not as bad as some people claim ok. It's still quite OK, i would say.

Terry + Cheez. Doesn't take a scientist to tell you who was cheez msg-ing eh?

And while we were on our bus ride out to visit SG, this is another thing that really amuses me. Damn cool right, before a bump on the road, they paint this huge HUMP word on the road. See for yourself.

And if you have a dirty mind, you'll start laughing XD

"DUDE, the road wanna hump me larr"
"There lar" -____-

Fine, enough rubbish. Getting on to the day,

All thanks to my cam's super dual rotating lens, the ultimate cam-whore machine.

Passing by Suntec City. God knows why was there this huge rotating watermill there.

Commonly knowned as the bull with the big balls, see also beh tahan larr. Must get a shot of it man.

The Singapore Flyer as seen from the Merlion. Great spectacular view i would say.

The Esplanade. Until now, I still have problems pronouncing that.

And off we go to the OH-SO-FAMOUS-MERLION site, where you can see a huge group of visitors happily clicking away. As a compliment, the view from the platform is somewhat stunning, and yes a lot of huge tall city building can be viewed from this area.

Side view. The only nice thing that you can benefit from it is when the wind blows hard, and a little spray of water gets spurted on everyone's faces. Its quite a sight to see people suddenly running for cover, lol.

Same thing, but this time, from the front.

These people were actually paying money for the dragon boat experience lorr. OMG, SO HOT, how to tahan, and so tiring. The only fun thing they did was, this ......

Splashing under the merlion's water jet. Heh, really, I did that once before in a water theme park, and trust me, splashin under that jet of water on a really for day rocks your socks.

And yeah, being typical tourists ( Me lar of course!)

The usual think that you're superman pose.

Owh well, terry always claims that he dislikes posting photos of himself up on his blog, but alas, here one really great shot of you in action.

Chong decided to be the sleeping goddess in front of the statue,

Terry decided to be the jumping ( failed) jack, while

I decided to be the ballerina, executed with such grace and dignity. Damn cool horr?



And us again. This has definitely gotta be one of the more awesome shots of the trip.

Next destination was the Fountain of Wealth @ Suntec City, and trust me, when I say it's ordinary, oh well it just was.

The cool feature of it was the road traffic was actually above, while the fountain was below the ground. Like so,

Yeah notice the road on top, and the fountain is in the background ( The on with the water splashin out from it).

After awhile, we left Suntec City.

Takin the MRT back.

After that, we a drink in McD's before return back to chong's place to freshen up for our night party session @ St James. Till then, see yeah guys !!

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Blogger irresistible said...

I like the sleeping goddess pose!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 5:35:00 PM  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i wont mind paying to experience that dragon boat ..... where will u get that chance as u need anor dozen or so fellas to do it together

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 11:23:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

irresistible : hahaha, LOLL, you give credit to my friend for that, he came up with it

johnny ong: yeahh, you have a point there, but sadly I didn't know about it and I didn't bring extra clothes to try that out, it would have been really messy if i went on it man. maybe next time, i'll come fully prepared.

Saturday, October 11, 2008 3:07:00 AM  

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