Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jiaqi's Bday Dinner

Heh, it has seriously been awhile since my last food post. Really, a long long time ago it seems. I had quite an awesome birthday week which i got so, oh well, better not say it, heh.

I received loads of touching calls, sms-es, online messages and personal greetings which i treasure so much, thank you. Special thanks to my buddies, chongx and kevin who called all the way from singapore just to make sure i was doing alright that night. To ken hui all the way from US, in his midst of papers, still remembering it all, by the means of an offline message, thank you so much, and to all on the facebook network, i love you guys.

So anyway, this happened actually like a week before my birthday, but hey, here's the joy of sharing the quite similiar birthdates in a month right? All the more, the merrier, the better.

Jiaqi's Birthday @ Restorant Million Castle Seafood.

God, the food there was SO TOTALLY awesome. Thanks alot, Jiaqi for the wonderful dinner. To start, we had:-

Shon entertaining us with his crazy card antics, so totally awesome man. Heh, what sumptuous dinner comes with a pre-performance?!

This went so well with the sharksfin soup, babe.

Shon + Ty + Shiau.


And here comes the first dish of the night, 4 Seasons Hot and Cold Combination, with baby octopus, crabsticks and sushi rolls.

Probably the best, and still everyone's fav throughout the whole night. Probably because we were hungry, lol. Oh how can i forget our other dish, and the super awesome Sucking Pig coming up?

Red Wine was served complementing the dishes. Very good wine, smooth and a little sparkly.

Mmmm, full bodied, full flavour grapes.

Next, we had Sharksfin Soup with crabmeat and scallops.

Good as usual lar, how can you get it wrong with sharksfin man?

Steam Pompfret with Soya Sauce was next on the list. Thanks to the waiter's super de-boning skills, eating the fish was relatively easy. No bones at all. Freshness level, was at least, the very best.

This was probably the dish of the night, and everyone did salivate when the royal pig made its entrance.

Vincent and C J tucking in. This dish needs absolutely NO INTRODUCTION.

It was roasted just right, to perfection. The skin was as crispy as potato chips, and the barbecued meat was tender, soft and juicy. It went extremely well with the black sauce and the spring onions.

Even Shiau and Jiaqi could not resist going for the crispy skin.

Next on the list was sauteed Sea Cucumber topped off with Hong Kong Kai Lan and Abalone. I took quite many slices of the sea cucumber and the abalone ( excuse me for my greedy pig moment) as there was quite a huge leftover on the table. The Sea Cucumber was done very well, no smelly fishy smell, yet still very much tasting like Sea Cucumber.

The prawns were next on the list. Sweet and sour prawns basked in Special Sauce. I had a few, but everyone was on the verge of seriously exploding hence there was more than enough to bring back. Nonetheless, the food that night was really really good.

To cap everything off, we had tong shui and fried glutinuous rice balls for dessert.

Those fried glutinous rice balls on the right rocks. The filling was sweet, warm, peanuty and nice.

Jiaqi with the girls, Crystal and Elaine.

We had more rounds to drink, chit chat and be merry.

Yam Seng. Sigh, such nice gossip times where classic tales of our Malacca Trip, Liewlala's Night Screaming and Drunkness, Crazy Driving and Guessing all took place on that table that night. The girls were sooo amused by the tales that their teeth nearly popped out following their hilarious laughter, me and Shiau were so engrossed in telling them more, and loads of funky stories just popped out like that. We talked quite long, and we sat down chit chatting until they closed.

The guy standing on the left, is Jiaqi's eldest bro, while the boy next time him is Jiaqi's youngest bro. The rest, all College and Pre-U Mates.

Form 6 Group Photo.

The night capped off with Jiaqi ripping opening up the presents, such as

Body Shoppe Fragance from Shiau,

Complete Bath Set from Crystal, Elaine, CJ and Vincent,

and finally,

small angpow from Me, David and Shon.

To wrap it up, it was a great night, and once again, thank you Jiaqi for the dinner.

Next on my blogging list,

1. Euphoria
2. Freedom elite
3. Dinner with family @ Bavarian Bierhaus.
4. Dinner Party with usual Gang.
5. Kajang Trip and Luncheon with Shiau, Jason, Jiaqi and Chongx.

Still trying to write something about it,

1. Nuffnang Halloween Party

Gosh, help me.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

P/s:- I'll be more free next week, as my finals are ending by then. Till then, see yah!


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