Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008, in number and pictures.

It's been a great year, or should I say 2008 was the start of many new exciting, fun and beneficial items in life for me.

I grew up quite a lot, in the emotional, mature and experience sense. Had my ups and downs of the year, and realized that the little down bits are technically lessons to be learned, and remembered. Put this way, everything had just been cruising along perfectly.

I had my share of fun, work and play. I had my equal treasured share of friendship, family bond and brotherhood. I also had my own share of little quiet toned downed moments (some of you are probably laughing at this right now, since when tysern actually longed for this?! ) and had my own share of big hoo-haa party moments. Lastly, I had my own share of academic glitches and little, yes you read it, little success. ( Still trying to improve on the success part, actually)

But all in all, I loved 2008. Highlighting the best bits item by item, I have the Most Memorable Moments of the year all here.

And since I recently turned 19, here are 19 items worth reconciling for the year, please do note that these items are in NO PARTICULAR CHORONOLOGICAL ORDER, or in NO PARTICULAR PRIORITY ORDER.

What I loved, the best bits of the year, all the way from Dec 2007 - Dec 2008 ( making that 12 months in total)

Here I present to you 19 items.

1.The whole gang made a trip to Langkawi, had massive and unexplainable fun.

@ The Mountain Peak.

Tasik Dayang Bunting.

2. Entered a fully stocked sex shop @ Orchard, SG, and actually purchased sex items.

I mean when they say sex shops there, they really mean SEX, as in S-E-X, not like those ciplak I Need Houses in Malaysia which does not even display dildo's in the open.

Totally no covering up. And if you're wondering what i got, oh well, its a penis paper clip holder, and phallus ice tray.

Don't so hamsap lar, no need to see =p

3. Got myself admitted into HELP University College.

And it was here, where it was the start of my many exciting journeys in life. 3 years down the road, I do hope I'm one heck of a cool, calm and coordinated accountant.

4. Got a new car, a Proton Waja,

to replace my aging old Proton Saga,

and not even after a month driving it, some asshole smashed into my rear

5. Wrote my first ever food review for MOF Desserts.

And it was a great treat,

Everything tasted well above expectations.

6. Visited Hooters, to check out their waiters with their big, er jugs,

Not that big after all lah, probably Asian Cup sizes are still a lil small

But I really loved their male toilets, and


7. Direct Selling.

Attempted to start trading and direct selling through AMWAY, realized it was so damn hard to earn a penny, and kinda, well almost gave up.

Money is hard to find, my friend.

8. Had another awesome road trip to Malacca, and this time, we stuffed ourselves to the brim, with food, fun and leisure.

Figure Posing.

At A' Famosa.

9. Played even more Mahjong and Chor Tai Tee in my entire life,

And it was over this white tiles where excitement and curses such as " DAMN SUI AH, WTH", or even "CHAU CHEE BYE, THIS KINDA CARD ALSO GOT AR" totally slipped from each and everyone's mouth.

And yes, where we went, the table went. They actually packed it into my car, and even before we could unload the other stuff into the bungalow @ A Famosa, the table was already set up and the playing started, and boy, it didn't stop until the next morning.

10. Attended nearly ALL NUFFNANG EVENTS, (only missing a few movie reviews here and there)

Pajama Bash.

Wildlife Party.

Halloween Madness,

and all the parties were really great,

managed to cash a sum of pocket money for my year end expenses,

All for 2008.

And the Pajama Picture actually got spoofed into,

by who else?!

11. Got myself a brand spanking new FTEC Laptop, 19 Inch LCD Screen, Altec Lansing Speakers, and the IT List goes on at the PC Fair,

My Uni Toy,

and sexy new 19 inch screen and much more not shown in pictures. Haha

12. Met and made awesome new friends.

Somewhere along the way, whether its through college life, or by friends' contacts, we all encounter new faces along the way. And how happy am I to admit that my first impression of college life was boring, is actually proven really wrong.

Yes, very wrong. The parties we had with new acquaintances, club nights out, this that and what more, really did add up to all the fun in the year.

At LC's place. I walked in knowing only 2 people, I walked out knowing all.

Took us a few drinks to be merry, and so,

Not only that, I've met many more, and even reconciled with long lost friends, since college started.

Cheez and Chris to name a few,

Terry, and the likes of it,

Met new faces AGAIN, reconciled with old DJ pals,

and everything else under the sun. Met blogging pals through nuffnang, LAN group mates, Kher Ching, Chin Looi, Nicole and Ye Shann, coursemates, Suzanne, Henry and the bunch, I tell you, the list goes on. I am so terribly sorry If i did left anyone one, its just that I can't write so much atm right now, but i still love you guys!

13. Celebrating my 19th Bday at 4 different possible awesome locations, 4 days straight without stopping, with a different bunch each time.

First, at Euphoria, MOS.

Next @ Bavarian Bierhaus with my family.

Then after at an awesome HUGE ASS rave party, FREEDOM ELITE @ Mont Kiara,

A Birthday Present from Cheez and Chris, and to back it all up,

There was no stopping on the free flow of drinks that night.

And then finally, to a party @ my own house, with my own cooking,

In which everyone had super awesome fun

Curry Laksa for the night, yo!

14. Attended F6 Prom in Dec ( yes, we're still very much attached to the samad junior crowd), and our gang rocked the night till the roof.

We were so high, we just blasted on Britney Spears, and started partying and singing like a rockstar,

We got so high we started swinging napkins as if they're girls panties,

And we all yam seng-ed with everyone at the dinner as if it was our own wedding. Heh

15. Started off as a Part-Time Teacher, learned much from it, besides having a tremendous blast with the students.

This was just ONE OF the farewells that took place,

We had our share of fun,

Underwear moments,

And fanmail, love letters and all sorts of that.

And not forgetting the awesome company of my fellow mates, Chongx, Patrick, Kev, Ming Kuan and Abel.

And if you students still want to know, I STILL MISS THE SHIT OUT OF U GUYS. I WILL BE BACK!!

16. Went on a Super Spontaneous Makan Trip to Ipoh,

When we said spontaneous, me and pat only decided to join them one day b4 the event

And still, it was a totally ass blowing trip.

17. Gashed my knee quite badly,

and heck, it still hurts until now, when something scratches into it. Alright, here's the story. Me, Fai, Chongx and Shon, was it?!, anyway this happened during our Malacca Trip. We were all making a human train on the water slide, and we obviously IGNORED the warning where only one person could go down the high speed slide at one time.

Then came the landing, and all four of us tumbled like dominos into the water, and poor me, because my knee landed first into the base of the concrete pool, my knee was dragged all the way for AT LEAST a few metres. I could not get up because of the weight of all of them on me, further digging and pushing me knee into the ground, while ripping off the juicy flesh on my poor knee cap.

God, that fucking hurt so much, I though I busted my knee really badly, and I would be on the wheelchair for my life. Although the pain was probably as bad as giving birth, I only let out a tiny groan, and when everyone saw the damage on my knee, they went like OMFG, SHIT DUDE, that's nasty. Jason had to actually carry me for awhile before the pain subsided, and I could thankfully, hobble along for the day.

No worries, I walk like normal now.

P/s: I have the grossed out pictures if you want to kay poh, but I'll only release it if there's a demand.

18. Visited my buddy cum pal cum bro in Singapore, who is currently pursuing his degree there.

Went there, saw the Esplande,

Did the Merlion Jump,

And has the awesome company of Cheez to go down south with me, while meeting up with Pat and Terry.

Damn, how I missed him, and those awesome days!!

19. Celebrating New Year's Eve AGAIN EVERY YEAR,

And indeed, it is a Happy Moment. The ability to actualy wrap up the year in total highs, this spot is specially reserved for my new year bash with the usual gang later, and heck, I promise It's gonna be one hell of a party.

We had a new year bash later last year already, and I'm proud to say that although studies and life may seporate us by the distance, the heart still comes as one, anytime.

And today, tonight, we're gonna party it all out before starting new, in 2009.

I will update the pictures after the bash, LATER. DUH!!


And now, what more can I say about 2008, truthfully, I just have to thank god for all that he's given me, and thank my family, friends, students and collegues for guiding me through this wonderful fun filled journey.

I never regretted a single moment of it, and yes until tommorrow, 2008 still lives on, strongly ever after.

Belated Christmas Wishes and a Happy New Year.

Bye people, and I hope you too, had a great year!


Blogger ChongX said...

i realized that out of 19 more than half of it has my name or my photo, i'm starting to think you are gay (:

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 6:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Terry said...

Happy New Year Tysern :D haha so much for me and my 'Free Your Mind' t-shirt. Looks like you have a pretty fun-filled year - endless partying fun! And you forgot to write about what people did to you on your birthday XD haha!

Thursday, January 01, 2009 3:22:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

jorr, chongx, you perasan larr, but i would be really really glad if you can join us for ALL THE EVENTS LAAAA. gay so what lah, i rather u better come till the max!

new year party @ pat's was crazy, wild and fun. EVERYONE did seconds straight from the bottle, even the pussy drinkers like jason and ken chong. after the shot, ken chong kept on saying the colour on his t shirt is changing, hahahah

satchid broke the damn record ar, he did 13 seconds from the bottle, jiaqi poured for him.

overall, in all, great year bro =)

Thursday, January 01, 2009 5:56:00 PM  
Blogger tysern said...

haha terry, are you wearing it now, or let me take a guess, you're wearing the purple one?! LOL

I know, but oh well, that infamous story is somewhat already famous by its own and needs no introduction LOL.

Hope you're coming back for CNY, this time, you better take us out for a meal, haha.

Oh , and to chongx, i did something on the first hour of the new year that i had been waiting for almost a year. No cover up, guess lah wat is it.

Haha, cheers

Thursday, January 01, 2009 6:00:00 PM  

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