Friday, December 05, 2008

events last week; euphoria by MOS, dinner at bavarian bierhaus

Haha, was it last week? Oh no, the week before that, so anyway, my exams are finally over. Yes, as in totally over. I have the month of December to spare, before getting my ass back to college on the 2nd week of Jan.

My last paper, Macroeconomics was thankfully quite bearable. I loved the subjective part, truthfully it was quite a breeze through. So much so that the objective actually seemed harder than the subjective, heh. So much so for economics this semester, haha.

It's a Friday night and here I am typing all this shit out. I had to start somewhere, don't I?

From the outside. You know, I really hate the queue lines at places at such. Reminds me of queuing up at Amusement Parks for a damn ride, which lasts like just a few minutes. And hell yes, the line was as long as hell. I mean, why can't they just have multiple express lines like in the supermarket yeah?!

You know if I were the manager of this place, I'll probably set up express queue lines to let people in as fast as they can, and pocket their money even faster. After all, they were collecting yes, an average of at least Rm 500-800 per group of people that go in lor. People wanna give money also they all don't know how to take, sigh.

This was the pathetic cashier station, which was so darn inefficient. Tell you this, if you let those coffee shops cashiers run this place, they'll probably swallow your cash in just seconds alright. Took us like almost 15 minutes JUST TO PAY u know.

And finally, after all that Mambo Jambo, heh, the party inside started.

Seng Ang and Mun Joe. Old DJ guys.

My friend, treasure duty free alcohol alright. This 2 bottles burned out Rm 600++, ( and no free flow of mixers some more) as compared to while I was in Langkawi, we only payed


Less than RM 120 for everything that you see in that picture,( 3 bottles of liqour + a crate of beer) PLUS

......freebies and priceless entertainment thrown in the loot. Haha.

So anyway, back to my topic, the club's dance floor is as always, AWESOME. It's so huge, there was enough space for The Big Show and The Great Khali to grind asses, literally.

Cheez, Wei Jin, Tysern and Yi Ting. Yes i know, i needed to visit a hairstylist badly alright. I had no time ok, that night.

More of us with our drinks.

Sue, Adeline and Wei Zhi. Seng Ang and me at the back.

Yam Seng !!!! Towards the end of the night, Wei Jin literally shoved the bottle into my mouth ok. He went on like, Tysern, today is your special night, NO ESCAPE, and boom, down it went. Doesn't take a genius to guess what happened to me alright?!

Our table was on the upper deck, overlooking the club.

Side profile shot of me.

Heh, the diamond amongst the roses lol. ( Yes lar, damn shiok sendiri moment ok @.@)

More photos of us that night.

Some of us were probably quite tipsy already.

More candid shots.

Put your hands in the ayer, eh, ayer!!!

Kinda squished, girls showing their tongues.

More photos up for views at Sue's Blog, click here.

After all, the night was so totally awesome. Loves. <3

P/s: Chongx, you better make yourself free one night ok?! You still owe me an Euphoria visit. I bawa you main kau kau !!!

************************************************************************************ 21.11.2008- Dinner at Bavarian Bierhaus with my family.

Bavarian Bierhaus is actually an outlet specializing in German Beer and Food, location at a quiet corner @ The Curve.

Excuse the lousy picture quality as these shots were from my phone, my cam died on me during that week.

Tyron and my mum.

The bar. Oh well, important German beer costs a bomb, it was around 20-30 bucks per mug man.

My mum and dad.

My dad and me.

Heh, he was being such a daring, he was like, so Tysern, i bawa you to the German Shop, you want anot?!

So anyway, the food was really really above our expectations. By looking at the give-you-a-ball-drop-moment prices when we were ordering, we expected the food to at least reflect the price.

In fact, some of the entrees were really nice, like our starters such as the;

Toasted Garlic Bread with finely chopped parsley and bacon bits on the top. Different, refreshing and delicious. The crust was crunchy, but the middle section was superbly soft. Each bite was bursting with flavour.

This soup was absolutely the bomb. Seafood clam soup, full with scallops, prawns, mussels and a whole lot more seafood. The soup was actually made from pure 100% tomato puree, and there was practically no water added. How chunted is that man?! Yes, the liquid you can see is totally tomato puree, hency it was very thick and satisfying.

Next came the sausage platter ( pork sausages) which costed quite a bit. Would you believe this plate is about 70 bucks. I am so not kidding man. But all in all, it was worth paying the money. One variety of the sausages actually had melted cheese infused into it, not the cheese bits mind you ala the ciplak ayamas cheese sausages, but somehow they made the cheese flow out once you bite into the sausage. Yes, it flowed out man.

Next on the list was the huge ass roasted pork knuckles which was so darn huge, as big as a bear's paw man. Came with wedges and side dishes, the skin was orgasmic. Crispy as hell, so much so that when you muched on it, the next table could hear the crunch LOL. The meat was tender, juicy and went really well with the sauce. This was the house speciality, and definately, that explains why. Need I say more?

All in, it was a wonderful dinner for a wonderful occasion, and thanks dad for the dinner.

More updates next on the Freedom Elite event @ Bukit Kiara Equstrian Club, Curry Laksa Party, and a few mroe events. Stay tuned.

Bye folks, enjoy.


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