Thursday, January 08, 2009

stupid, gets stupider

I am not even sure a word such a stupider exists, but oh well, here's a story worth sharing, which some of you might think its retarded yet entertaining, OMFG yet WTF, holy shit yet it STILL fucking happened.

So earlier today I was at the Campap Super Bookstore at Taman Megah looking around for books suitable for my tuition kids. So while scouting around at the ground floor, I noticed this lady in pink asking a question to staff which was getting weird stares from all around.

Yes, I know i kay poh, but who cares?!

Naturally, I pulled my mischevious ass over to the counter to see what was going on.

Apprently, the lady was asking for discount. What's so bad about that right, yes I know its really embarassing to notice that she WAS NOT IN A FUCKING PASAR MALAM, but in a retail store. I know some women just have the knack for it. Yeah, like bargaining at Jusco.

But still, that's not so bad. Seriously.

As I heard more, my heart went like WTF?! Right on the spot. So let's call her lil' bitch alright. So this lil' bitch was actually saying out loud to the cashiers and the staff, and it went like that.

lil' bitch: Excuse me, why I don't get a discount on my books?!

staff: We're sorry Miss, we only give out discounts to Campap Card Members.

lil' bitch: I'm a tuition teacher u know. I teach u know. Why cannot?

staff: Sorry, but that's our policy.

lil' bitch: Eh, I teach Form 5 Maths Tuition lar okay. I go to people's house and teach tuition sumore alright. CANNOT MEH, WHAT THE?! TEACHER ALSO GOT NO DISCOUNT?! HAR?!

staff: It's not the tuition matter. The right way is the 15% discount is only applicable to members who shop at Campap.

lil' bitch: Why cannot lah?! I mean, you're already giving discounts to those members anyway right?

staff: Hold on Miss, I'll ask the manager.

And so, the manager comes into the scene.

manager: Hi there. I understand that you're giving tuition. How many books are you planning to buy, in the bulk? Maybe if you buy by the cartons........,

lil' bitch: there, this 2 only.

manager: HAH, 2 only. Like that I'm really sorry, No membership card, No Discount.

I'm sure all of you who's reading this is probably going like WTF right now man. Alright,

1. Whether or not she gives tuition to whoever, wheresoever, or howsoever, this has TOTALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH CAMPAP SUPERSTORE.

2. Its clearly stated that only Campap Members qualify for the discount, no others, regardless you're the Prime Minister, Agong, nasty foul mouth bitch, or any other form you can think off, doesn't mean that you give tuition, you can demand for a different price for what you're buying.

Their Member Discount Card.

3. If lil' bitch is SOO GONNA INSIST on getting her share of discount, what about other people?!
Seriously, just think about it.

Just imagine a slutty prostitute walking into a pharmacy,

Prostitute: Here, I want these condoms, lubricating jelly, dildos, wet tissues, viagra, metal chains, masking tapes, gagging tapes, and those shit.

Pharmacist: Er, alright, that's be RM 210.55.

Prostitue: WHAT, HAH, CIBAI, No discount for me ar?! I'm giving out sex sessions worr. You know, I'm a prostitute, sure got discount one right. I use them like everyday lor.

Pharmacist: Sorry, but what you do during the day has totally nothing to do with our store. You want a discount, either by the vouchers and discount card.

Prostitute: SO WHAT LA ASSWIPE?! I'm the one giving out lessons now. I'm the one teaching now. You can say I'm a math teacher you know. I add a bed, minus off their clothes, divide their legs, they leave their solution and I hope it doesn't multiply.

Fine, you get the point alright. Heh.

What I'm saying here is, no matter you're a dentist, doesn't mean that when you buy oral care products from various places, you are expecting a discount JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE A DENTIST.

Doesn't mean that just because you're a electrician, you get discounts at the hardware store just because you're an electrician.

And to the bitch up there, just because you're teaching tuition, doesn't mean u can simply walk into a bookstore and have them give you special "oh-because-you-give-tuition" discounts, just because you CLAIM you are giving tuition, even if you a full fleged teacher.

I am shocked, totally shocked. And to think of her teaching, man what shit has she been feeding to her students lar?!

How in the world can she come up with such stupid logic man? That's how stupid, can get stupider.

After paying, I left the store with a grin in my face, as I went on to give my tuition lessons.

What do you think man?


Blogger Jia Hui said...

LOL! I like this post xD

Friday, January 16, 2009 10:23:00 PM  
Blogger Zi Ying said...

LOL! Nice post with great balance of logic and sick stuff XD

Saturday, February 07, 2009 4:54:00 PM  

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