Saturday, February 21, 2009

@ gurney drive, penang (Part 1)

Just some short updates and current pictures I took so far, on my trip up to Penang. There's wireless broadband in the whole hotel block(thank god i brought my laptop), and the hotel is so totally awesome. Very comfy and nice. Blogging right now from my room, which comes with an en suite jacuzzi, astro, mini bar and all the amenities you can think of.

Packed and ready to go.

Our first stop in Penang, after an arduous 3-4 hour drive, in which I was speeding my way through.

Nice Peanut Flavoured ABC Ice Kacang to cool off on a hot day.

Super Famous Penang Oh Chien, just check out the size of the oysters. This totally beats the hell out of the lousy PJ Oh Chiens.

Penang Lobak. The prawn fritters were an absolute winner.

This was the popular Lorong Selamat Char Kuay Teow which totally costed a bomb. At RM 6.50 a portion, it comes with a waiting time of AT LEAST 30 minutes, and that's the minimum. The lady frying it sports huge laboratory glasses, as well as something that looks like a retarded hat.

She operates from a push-cart, and you can see a long stream of patrons waiting patiently inside the coffee shop.

P/s: Terry, you're very familiar with Penang right. Next time, you ought to show me the best place to eat char kuay teow alright!

So now, the verdict on then CKT. I would say it's definately better than KL's cheap version, but not a hundred times better. It still tastes very much like CKT, the only thing is it bears a very chee yau char-ish aroma, its hot and delicious and the prawns are really fresh and nice. If you're thinking of driving all the way down for this plate of CKT, unless you have other things to do in Penang, nah, its not really worth the drive. But nonetheless, since I was there, heh, it's good.

And now, pictures of the awesome 5 Star Gurney Hotel I stayed in.

My parents booked a 2 room suite, yes, they only have suites in the hotel, no ordinary deluxe, superior or what not shit rooms, and it comes with two tv's, coffee maker and minibar area, sofa's and a huge chillax space. Oh well, according to their website, their rooms are all EQUIVALENT to at least a size of an apartment. Picture that.

This was the bedroom which had a fucking good view of the beach. And it was really highly elevated, the hotel had 36 floors.

The twin make up/brush teeth area, and the bathroom was adjoined to the dressing room,

which came with a shower glass panel, and tadahhh, you can't go wrong with the jacuzzi. I totally soaked my balls in there for like an hour or so man. Heh, this is only one of the 2 toilets in the room.

And guess what, the price for the suite was SO DAMN WORTH IT, and really reasonable. If you ever go to Penang, i suggest you stay with them. Their rooms are really, really priced very low for a 5 star hotel. You can surf their website, here.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Yes, I know i haven't been updating for a long while. All because?!

1. I had a huge wedding to attend to in Jan, 3x 21st Bday Celebrations, New Year coutdown parties, friend's farewell parties, friend's welcome back parties, CNY Balik Kampung Trips,

2. And in Feb, don't get me started, and yeah, throw in 5x uni per week also.



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