Saturday, May 09, 2009

to kemaman, and back

As you guys already knew from my previous post, I made a quickie to Kuantan and after that further up a little to Kemaman, for this, yes I drove my whole family to Terengganu to eat this shiznit.

Passing through the golden gates, had my Dad take a shot of it.

Yeah, the long lost stuffed crabs. Last time I had it, A GOOD, yes A GOOD 6-7 years ago. Picture that.

My parents beh tahan already, rushing off to order. It was also, indeed a good 6-7 years since they ate here.


The years may have passed, the prices of the crabs may have ballooned, but one thing remains always the same;

It was still fucking good.

Since it was also a popular seafood joint, we had their sambal sotong to go with the rice,

Normal vege, mediocre, but that's probably because its vege, I mean, how can anyone cook up something shitty into magic right?!

Fish was relatively fresh, DUH, we're in Terrenganu man, just next to the fishing sea village,

Hah, and their latest zhng to their menu, Garlic Butter Freshwater King Prawns and Baked Lobsters. As far as I knew, the prawns scored a solid 10/10, easily.

The restaurant crowd, on the 1st of May, public holiday or not, business booms for them. A huge lot of Singaporeans also love to patronize this place.

And now, for directions to the place.

Traveling on the east coast highway, the new highway starts from Karak, and currently as of 8/5/09, the highway is completed until Jabur, in Terrenganu. Don't worry about the condition of the highway, although there are minor repair works here and there, as my dad said, it's as straight as an arrow.

160km/h and above, no problem. But still, the drive to Kuantan from KL will take a good 3 hours, even when you're driving fast. Now here's the tricky part to get to Kemaman. Although the east coast highway runs into Terrenganu, don't drive all the way to Jabur as the highway runs through inner middle Terrenganu (Kemaman is on the coastal side of Terrenganu).

You gotta exit at Kuantan, and then take the coastal road, passing Cherating, and finally, arriving at Chukai (Kemaman). If you do take the highway, you'll end up in the middle of Terrenganu and you have to take the trunk road which leads to the coastal road, which is way longer than exiting at Kuantan.

When you're already in Kemaman, look for the Tunas Manja Supermarket and make a right turn, at the traffic light. Continue all the way straight, you'll reach the town, and it should not be hard to spot Tong Juan Restaurant. It's a one way street so the road will take you one round before you can see the shop. If the directions are just to damn difficult for you,



Alright, that's it for now, next post will be on Kuantan Trip Day 2 where me and my family decided to shift to the Cherating Beachside Resort to relax.

Till then, continue drooling.


Blogger jason said...

U sick son of a bitch! hahaha..let's have a trip there!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009 11:53:00 PM  
Blogger ChongX said...

idoit mr gps-_-''
come visit me la! faster go have a trip! im coming back from 13-28th june

Monday, May 11, 2009 12:17:00 AM  
Blogger tysern said...

ahha jason, my stomach full of that shit lar, drugs ain't gonna work the 2nd time alright.

HAHHA, just kidding lah, yes lar of course, we go lar ok

chongx, JORR i wanna go singapore lar, you think i duwan to visit you meh, ok la SETS LA, i go down until the 13th of june lar ok, then you bring me back on the 13th of june with you lar, don't HBB ar this time! haha

Monday, May 11, 2009 10:22:00 AM  

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