Friday, May 29, 2009

travelling, on the road

Would be hitting the south side of Malaysia this time, to Malacca and will be back on Sunday. I hope everything goes 100% as planned, and if its does, it will probably be explosive. I will be bringing my laptop to the hotel to play my dear Restaurant City, provided the wifi's good enough there.

The interesting thing is 3 rave virgins are gonna follow me down, and a bunch of regular ravegoers would be there together, lets see how everything goes alright.

Week that was, Wing Chuan's 21st @ Las Caretas. The interesting thing about places such as this is the food would be above average, their service no matter what would be kinda tulan-ish when you go round commanding them to serve you the lime margaritas but one thing, if there's a huge group, it should be all well worth it.

To cater for the whopping 40+ Guests at his birthday, drinks were on free flow and the set menu was well organised before the big day.

Everyone had salad as the entrees,

And a choice of either salmon, steak, beef or chicken as the main dish. Being weight conscious, healthy, omega-3 ish and all, and because I memang like Salmon lah, I confirmed my choice with chuan a week b4 the dinner.

Don't ask what happened to the soup and Brulee Desert heh. Was to excited to chomp it down.

After that, being modern and trendy and all, as these places claim to be, they whipped out birthday props and guitars to entertain the crowd.

Chuan, Kev and Me.

Traditional key shaped cake, but I really doubt the key does anything. Parents would still be parents anyway.

Probably having a good time shaking off to the guitar beat.

Entertaining us with a little birthday boy dance,

and part of the younger crowd.

So anyway, everything went very well, including the mini after party @ Long Bar with their complimentary, erm strip dancers and for the record for Chuan's Memory,

Never ever MAX IT OUT on your 21st birthday. That's my toilet btw, and he's probably the 4-5th guy kneeling there in like 2 years. But at least, he flushed.

So anyway, have a great week you people, and I'll have mine. Someone told me to behave for the 3 days, alright, I will.


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