Thursday, June 18, 2009

the most difficult things in life

..........happen when you least expect it.

24 hours ago, I was wondering of what to expect in Singapore.

Now, I wished I need not make this trip down so suddenly.

My very close family friend whom I've gotten used to call uncle, was supposed to meet up with me, on my way to Singapore.

I still have to meet him, but the difference is its gonna be my last time meeting him.

I still have trouble believing it, and maybe reality would only set in when I see him for the last time.

And as I slowly make my way down south, in my heart, I keep on praying that I would not have to go down for this matter. That this problem never existed in the first place.

It is of my greatest regret that our final meeting had to come this way, but I do hope that when somethings in life do happen for a reason, you are, in a safe, calm and peaceful place. No matter what comes our way, this goodbye would be one of the hardest to pen out. Rest well.

Apart from the above said, I do owe thanks to my friends, family and all who cared that showed all the support you guys can give. Thanks for offering to stay by my side, to keep me company. Thanks for making my trip down less gloomy. I could'nt have asked for more, as honestly, I did not expect this kind of caring showmanship.

By nature I know that I am able to handle situations like this and that I do not get very emotional easily, I will keep my calm and composure all the way until this trip ends.

Because I do believe in myself that Tysern is very able to handle situations like this, and there should be no chance of him getting all over himself. There is so much control in me, and I would do all the best in this trip.

Don't worry about me people, I shall be and will be able to see it through.

See you guys on Monday.


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