Sunday, June 07, 2009

WAW- Wild Awesome Wicked ( Freedom & Nuffnang Standout Teaser)

Probably the best 3 words to describe the past 3 weeks, Starting from where I left off at Chuan's Party, followed by Freedom 09' and finally the Nuffnang Standout Party.

You know, I keep asking myself, can it get any better after Freedom? Looks like it actually can.

Teaser Pics of both Freedom & The Standout Party,

My car which somehow became the mobile bar,

Part of us giving it all at the rave.

And for the record,

Kevin with Above and Beyond. Makes you jealous doesn't it?!

And for the Standout Party,

This was towards the end,

Kwan, Addy + May Yi.

These people almost drank the 1k bottles of beer dry, and the result, one got super duper wasted jumping around the whole club at the end of the night.

Haha, wait for my full party review.


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